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Posters in Parliament

Posters in Parliament

28 February 2024

What's included:

Morning (optional):

  • Tour of House of Lords and Westminster Hall (75 mins)
  • 'Get your voice heard in UK Parliament' workshop (60 mins)


Student Research Poster Exhibition

1.30 - 3.30 pm

Join us for Posters in Parliament 2024

Institutions are invited to send up to two student researchers to present their research posters to those in power. Institutions can also invite two guests together with their local MPs.

The 2024 exhibition takes place in Portcullis House, House of Commons, London on 28 February 2024 between 1.30 - 3.30 pm and presenters and guests are also be able to take advantage of morning activities (a tour of the House of Lords and Westminster Hall (75 minutes) and/or a 'Get your voice heard in UK Parliament' workshop (60 minutes).

Note: Student presenters are selected by their institutions. Interested students are advised to find out more from their institutional contact. Warwick students should contact the IATL team in the first instance.

If institutions are interested in getting involved in PiP, please reach out using the button below.

History of the event

Before COVID, Posters in Parliament took place annually to bring together a remarkable collection of the best undergraduate research from across the country. We are delighted that Posters in Parliament returned in 2023.

Posters in Parliament is a fantastic event that provides an opportunity for over 50 undergraduate students, representing universities from across the UK, to exhibit their research in Westminster. The exhibition is inspired by the US Posters on the Hill event, where students are sent by their universities to present their work to the House of Representatives and the Senate.

The Posters in Parliament event gives the opportunity for legislators and policy makers to see first-hand some of the innovative research taking place around the country.

The event is part of the British Conference of Undergraduate Research (BCUR), an open coalition of universities dedicated to encouraging a national culture of undergraduate research. BCUR grows every year, giving more undergraduate students the opportunity to experience real research at the cutting edge of their field. Many of them go on to publish their work in highly-rated journals and then develop their research even further as postgraduate research students.

The exhibition is a great opportunity for students to share research and ideas with those from other universities across the UK. The modern world faces big challenges in a huge range of areas such as energy, health and sustainability but Posters in Parliament clearly demonstrates that we have a new generation of emerging researchers able to meet those challenges.

Information for participating universities and students

Further information for attendees of Posters in Parliament can be found here.

There is guidance on creating impactful academic posters here.

Selection takes place within each university to nominate students to attend Posters in Parliament, all students taking part had the opportunity to present their research poster at the event. An institutional resources pack can be found here.

Institutions wishing to find out more should email Professor Jane Bryan at .

PiP 23

Visit our gallery of presenters and read the PiP23 programme to find out more.