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IATL Undergraduate Modules

IATL modules offer students a taste of an alternative higher education where creativity, critical thinking, and wellbeing are at the centre of the learning experience. Our seminars and workshops draw connections between various ideas, experiences and practices, allowing you to develop a style of interdisciplinary thinking highly valued by students and employers alike.

Our students are encouraged to lead their own learning with independent research, and often have the flexibility to disseminate their work through a variety of ‘student devised assessment’ methods.

By taking an IATL module, you are not merely learning about the world, you are working with partners from different disciplines to develop new ways of understanding it.

Available To:

All undergraduates in years 2, 3 or 4 (with home department approval). All IATL undergraduate modules are approved at Level 5 and 6 with differentiated learning outcomes.

In order to help you browse our portfolio of modules, they have been grouped into three general categories: Mind, Body, and Culture; Applying Innovation; and Creating Change. However, these are not fixed and many of our modules overlap or permeate into more than one category.

All IATL modules foster ‘interdisciplinary thinking’, that is, a way of thinking that directs attention to the whole of a problem not just to its part, fostering broad mindedness, problem solving and creativity, in addition to other characteristics skills such as collaboration, reflection, critical thinking and dealing with uncertainty.

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Please visit each section below to find out more about our assessment methods, how to engage with other IATL learning opportunities, and what students think about taking a module with IATL.