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Tolulope Bella-Awusah visits Warwick

There are three PhD students linked to the TRANSFORM study, two from Nigeria and one from Bangladesh.

Here Tolulope Bella-Awusah reflects on her time at the University of Warwick.

"I visited the University of Warwick to complete my student registration in the first two weeks of April 2022. I was greatly impressed by the warm reception I received from the TRANSFORM Warwick team when I arrived. I was finally able to put faces to names of people I had met previously online, as well as places within the University. Everyone was friendly, supportive and had words of encouragement for me. They all helped to make sure I had a comfortable stay, and a senior member of the team even took me grocery shopping"

Once Tolu had settled into her accommodation and was familiar with the campus, she was able to m meet the wider team.

"A dinner was organized so I could meet the larger team. Because it was spring break, there were few physical activities for students so I didn’t get to participate in physical student activities. However, I had face to face meetings with my supervisors and lots of time to research around my intended topic which gave me a better sense of direction. As a student who had commenced my studies remotely in Nigeria since March 2022, this visit really helped me to feel more connected to the University, my department, the TRANSFORM team, and increased my enthusiasm for the research adventure ahead." 

During her time at Warwick, Tolu was able to meet with another PhD student, Chinwe Onuegbu from the NIHR GHRU on Improving Health in Slums. Chinwe was able to show Tolu some of the local attractions and sights.