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MITN Linguistic Landscaping Competition 2021

Writing competition exploring linguistic landscapes

Brief: Explore a linguistic landscape

MITN invites students of the University of Warwick; Monash University, Australia; and the EUTOPIA Multilingualism Learning Community to explore the linguistic landscape of a site of your choice and write a short analysis (250-500 words) of the use of language(s) on signs in your chosen site. You can explore your chosen site by taking photographs of the language used on signs, or by examining existing photographs drawn from online platforms. The aim of the competition is to reflect on how the use of language(s) in signs relates to the identities, ideologies and/or use of language(s) by speakers in the area.

Your analysis should;

  • Explore signs in a single individual site, which may be, but is not limited to, a building, campus, or settlement.
  • Include examples of the language under study, either as textual quotes or photographs.

Submissions will be judged on the following criteria;

  1. Response to the aims of the MITN Linguistic Landscaping Competition 2021
  2. Selection of research site
  3. Focus and clarity of argument construction
  4. Quality of analysis
Submission deadline: Sunday 10th April 2022, 23:59 BST
Prizes: Amazon vouchers

First Prize £100, Second Prize £75, Third Prize £50


Feel free to use the following resources as inspiration for your submission;

An accessible introduction to linguistic landscaping

Linguistic Landscapes: An IntroductionLink opens in a new window

Examples of linguistic landscaping research

Milani - Sexed Signs: Queering the SceneryLink opens in a new window

Kallen & Ní Dhonnacha - Language and Inter-language in Urban Irish and Japanese Linguistic LandscapesLink opens in a new window

MITN Linguistic Landscaping Research Blogs

MultiDiv 2019

MultiDiv 2021

EUTOPIA Linguistic Landscaping

Submitting an entry

Terms & conditions are available here.

Submissions by email to