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ECR Workshop 2017

MITN 3-Day Workshop: "Representations of Identities in Contemporary Societies"

12-14 July 2017
DIT.Lab, Via Lombardini 5, 47121, Forlì, Italy
Host Institution: Department of Interpreting and Translation, Universitiy of Bologna, Forlì Campus
Participating Institutions: Monash University, Australia; University of Warwick, United Kingdom

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Day 1 (12/07/2017)
9.00-10.00 Registration

10.00-10.30 Institutional welcome greetings

Motoko Ueyama (University of Bologna, Deputy-Head of DIT);
Delia Chiaro (University of Bologna, MITN academic representative) via Skype;
Rita Wilson (Monash University, MITN academic representative) via Skype;
Jo Angouri (Warwick University, MITN academic representative) via Skype.

10.30-11.30 Opening plenary
(Chair: Adriano Ferraresi, University of Bologna)
Gabriel Garcia-Ochoa (Monash University) via Skype
Translation as Method for Developing Intercultural Competence – A Masterclass

11.30-12.30 MITN Members: 3MT
(Chair Giulia Maltese, Ph.D. Student, University of Bologna)
MITN Members explain their Ph.D. projects in three minutes followed by a general discussion.

12.30-14.00 Lunch at the cafeteria in Piazzale Iginio Lega, 2, Forlì.

14.15-15.15 Workshop 1: “How to Turn Your Ph.D. Thesis into a Publication”
(Chair: Chiara Nardone, Ph.D. Student, University of Bologna)
Federica Formato (Sheffield University)

15.15-15.45 Coffee break

15.45-16.45 Workshop 2: “And Now What? First steps after completing your PhD”
(Chair: Cecilia Cruccolini, Ph.D. Student, University of Bologna)
Adriano Ferraresi (University of Bologna)

Day 2 (13/07/2017)
9.30-11.00 Panel 1: Identities in Translation
(Chair: Beatrice Spallaccia, Ph.D. Student, University of Bologna)
Adele D’Arcangelo (University of Bologna): "Educational and Creative Aspects in Translating Identities: Supervising MA Students' Dissertation Projects"
Gaia Aragrande (University of Bologna): "New Trends of Representations: Translation and Citizen Journalism"

11.00-11.30 Coffee Break

11.30-13.00 Panel 2: Identities, Narratives and Politics
(Chair: Giulia Maltese, Ph.D. Student, University of Bologna)
Paul Baker (Lancaster University): "Using Corpus Methods to Compare Discourses around Romanians in The Daily Express with Online Comments"
Gennaro Gervasio (Roma Tre University) and Nicola Melis (University of Cagliari): "A Critical Study of Dissident Ethnic, Religious and Linguistic Groups from the Middle East and North Africa"

13.00-14.30 Lunch

14.30-16.00 Panel 3: Migration and Identities
(Chair: Gaia Aragrande, Ph.D. Student, University of Bologna)
Marina Manfredi (University of Bologna): "New Cosmopolitanism in Audiovisual Entertainment: Dubbed Multiethnic ‘Kid-coms’ in the Italian landscape"
Angela Tiziana Tarantini (Monash University): "Translating Australian performance into Italian: transcultural exchanges in David Mence’s work."

16.00-17.30 MITN Clusters Revealed!
(Chair: Christina Efthymiadou, Ph.D. Student, Warwick University)
MITN Clusters Reps Present their Activities, followed by a round table between MITN Members and academic reps.

19.30-23.00 Conference Dinner (not catered for, venue TBC)

Day 3 (14/07/2017)
9.00-11.00 MITN and MeTRa Research Centre (DIT, University of Bologna) present: Investigating Migrant Identities in Contemporary Western Societies (Chair: Valeria Illuminati, Ph.D. Student, University of Bologna)
Raffaella Baccolini (University of Bologna): "Kindness and Solidarity as Political Acts"
Beatrice Spallaccia (University of Bologna): "Methodological Challenges in Critical Analysis of Online Hate Speech: Collecting User-Generated Content and Translating Gender Identities of Cyberspace"
Takoua Ben Mohamed (independent graphic journalist): "Beyond Stereotypes on Migrants in Western Societies through Graphic Journalism"
Roberta Pederzoli (University of Bologna): "Islamic Veil, Secularism and Gender Through Children’s and Young Adult Literature"

11.00-11.30 Coffee Break

11.30-13.00 MITN Future Perspectives: Next Events and Publications
(Chair: Basil Cahusac de Caux, Ph.D. Student, Monash University)

13.00-14.00 Lunch

14.00-15.30 Workshop 3: CADS – part I: What is the ‘added value’ of Corpus-Assisted Discourse Studies (CADS)? Three case studies into self and other representation: China, the Arab world and global “underclass/es”
(Chair: Chiara Nardone, Ph.D. Student, University of Bologna)
Alan Partington (University of Bologna)

15.30-15.45 Break

15.45-17.15 Workshop 3: CADS – part II: Hands-on!
(Chair: Gaia Aragrande, Ph.D. Student, University of Bologna)
Silvia Bernardini (University of Bologna) and Adriano Ferraresi (University of Bologna)

17.15-18.15 Closing plenary
(Chair: Raffaella Baccolini, University of Bologna, DIT Ph.D. Programme Coordinator)
Elisabeth Whittaker, "Reflexivity and essentialism in intercultural analysis: an examination of scientific assumptions and a case study on the teaching of gender through representations of biological reproduction"

For any inquiries please write to Gaia and Beatrice at the following address:

MITN Web page on DIT official site.

How to get to DIT.Lab:
plane - flights to Bologna airport.
trains - frequent trains departing from Bologna central station.
car - from Bologna airport is about an hour drive, follow directions to A14-Ancona and then exit at Forlì.

Where to stay: please ask Gaia and Beatrice if you need assistance while booking your journey to Forlì.