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Methodology Workshop on Migration, Mobility and Transgenerational Identity: Borders, Race, Ethnicity and Migration Network, 16 March 2016, 1-5pm



Objects, mementoes and narratives: participatory ethnography and the exploration of transgenerational identity

Margaret Hills de Zárate, Senior Lecturer at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, will lead this interdisciplinary workshop exploring participatory and ethnographic research methods in relation to migration, mobility and cultural identity. The workshop will introduce the development of her own methodology, in reference to both current research for the 'Transnationalizing Modern Languages’ project and previous psychosocial work undertaken with refugees and child ex-combatants. This will be followed by an experiential workshop, exploring the role of objects in the expression of transgenerational cultural identity.

The specific objective of this workshop is the exploration of transgenerational identity as mediated by objects and our use of them. Objects, from photographs to the souvenir or memento, and the practices associated with them, function as vehicles that facilitate the expression of cultural identity.

Participants are requested to bring a personal item, which represents their relationship, real or symbolic, with the concept of heritage and identity. The orientation workshop will be dynamic, practical and thematic, although essentially non-directive. Participants should be prepared to share their experiences with others.

The workshop is open to all researchers working across the University and will be of particular interest to Early Career Researchers interested in exploring new methodological approaches. To register, please contact by Friday 11th March.



Dr Margaret Hills de Zárate is a Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader of the MSc Art Psychotherapy (International), School of Health Sciences, Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh. She has taught extensively in Spain and Latin America where she is currently involved in research funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council relating to migration, mobility and cultural identity in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay. Previous work has included working with refugees and displaced persons in Eastern Europe, Colombia and Africa.

Thu 03 March 2016, 12:07