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Data Visualisation Workshop on Tuesday 7 February

On Tuesday 7 February Warwick Q-Step Centre welcomed Dr Jamie Monogan from the Department of Political Science at the University of Georgia.

During his visit, Dr Monogan hosted a data visualisation workshop and seminar as part of the Warwick Q-Step Seminar Series.

The interactive workshop, “Visualising Data using R”, was extremely well attended by students from a variety of disciplines, all of whom had an interest in Quantitative Methods. As well as students from Warwick Q-Step Centre, we were pleased to welcome students from departments across the University including Warwick Business School, Economics, Maths and Statistics, and PAIS. Dr Monogan gave a lively and enjoyable session, during which students were able to gain hands-on, practical experience of using R to make professional graphs.

The workshop was based on Chapter 3 of Dr Monogan’s latest book, which can be accessed for free here.

The students enjoyed this valuable opportunity to learn new skills in quantitative methods and data analysis in an interactive setting. We are extremely grateful to Dr Monogan for taking the time to give this workshop to our students and hope to welcome him back to Warwick Q-Step Centre in the future.

workshop_1 workshop_2