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Each registered team is required to sumbit a short paper and results (CSV file) to saad dot bashir at warwick dot ac dot uk

Submission Guidelines

  • Team name should be included in the email subject
  • For multiple submissions, please label each set of results with the name of the corresponding algorithm
  • Result submissions must be received before the listed deadline

Guidelines for the Short Paper

The maximum length of the paper is 2 pages. The paper must include the following details:

  • A clear description of the algorithm
  • The description of the experimental setup. Participants are free to decide on the partitioning of the dataset in the experiment
  • Some preliminary results. Your performance measures must include the measure describe in evaluation section.

The paper should be submitted to saad dot bashir at warwick dot ac dot uk with the CSV file before the listed deadline. Preferable format of the paper is PDF.

Evaluation Criteria

The following three evaluation methods will be used to evaluate the performance of the algorithms

  • Point based evaluation
  • Confidence Assessment (confidence reported by algorithm)
  • Weighted assessment

In the case of ties on the leader-board, the decision will be made on the percentage of invasive tumour cells with complete membrane staining (irrespective of intensity).

The source code (Matlab) can be downloaded from below link

Download Link (Google Drive): Evaluation Code