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Abhir Bhalerao

Abhir Bhalerao is Reader in Computer Science having received his PhD in 1992. He joined as faculty at Warwick in 1998 after several years in industry and working as a clinical scientist with the NHS and Kings Medical School, London. During this period, he also spent time in the US as a Research Fellow at Harvard Medical School (1996-7. His research interests are on image representations and machine learning for applications to medical diagnosis (radiology and histopathology), autonomous vehicles, biometrics and security. He has published around 80 refereed articles in image analysis, medical imaging, computer vision and machine learning. In 2007 he was the co-chair of the British Machine Vision Conference, and Medical Image Understanding and Analysis conference, 2010. He cofounded of Warwick Warp Ltd., a tech start-up specializing in biometric technologies and has experience of working a research consultant for a number of tech SMEs.

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