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Rob Procter

Rob Procter is Professor of Social informatics in the Department of Computer Science, Warwick University and an Alan Turing Institute Faculty Fellow, where he is co-chair of the social data science interest group. The adoption of digital innovations in healthcare is a longstanding area of research, with a particular interest in clinical decision support tools, infrastructures for data integration and sustainability. He has been editor of the Health Informatics Journal for 13 years. Much of his work has been action research oriented, using insights from the social sciences – specifically Science and Technology Studies (STS) and Social Shaping of Technologies (SST) and fieldwork-based research methods – to understand and facilitate processes of technical innovation and adoption. He has experience in the application of a range of sociological research methods, including detailed ethnographic studies and exploring how such methods can be used to enhance usability, dependability and fitness-for-purpose of digital innovations.