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Adam Shephard

Adam Shephard is a Research Fellow in the Tissue Image Analytics (TIA) Centre and is currently working on the Cancer Research UK funded ANTICIPATE project in collaboration with Dr Syed Ali Khurram at the University of Sheffield. He joined the TIA Centre in 2020 after completing his PhD at Aston University, where his thesis was titled ‘The Application of Deep Learning to Paediatric Brain MRI: Lesion Segmentation and Outcome Prediction’.
During his PhD he gained a keen interest in machine learning, specifically deep learning approaches, and their application to medical imaging.
Now working on the ANTICIPATE project, his focus is on using deep learning in conjunction with histopathology to explore both the better grading of Oral Epithelial Dysplasia and the better prediction of its progression to malignancy in head and neck cancers.
Please click here to see Adam's publications on Google Scholar.