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How to apply for beamtime

XMaS is an EPSRC funded National Research Facility supporting the UK materials science communities. It provides free at the point of access to synchrotron radiation at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRFLink opens in a new window) in Grenoble (France). A wide range of sample environments allow a diverse set of experiments to be performed using energies in the 2.4 to 40 keV range. Additional facilities exploiting these sample environments are possible using our laboratory spaces which include a micro-source X-ray facility.

Applications for synchrotron beam time:

The beamline provides two-thirds of available synchrotron beam time to UK-based researchers (National Research Facility or CRG time) with the remaining third to the wider ESRF’s user community (ESRF time).

Two proposal review rounds are held each year. Deadlines for applications to make use of the ESRF time are normally 1st March and 11th September and 1st April and 1st October for the CRG time for the same scheduling periods August to February and March to July, respectively.

Data Policy to find out more click here.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion: The XMaS facility will implement transparent policies and procedures to guarantee that access is based on scientific excellence only. In partnership with the ESRF Safety Office, we will endeavour to ensure that the facility can accommodate any user, but this may require an individual needs assessment. If you have any questions about accessing the facility at any stage of the application or experimental processes please do not hesitate to email opens in a new window