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Management Committee

The mid-range facility is supported by a committee of independent representatives from relevant research communities. The membership of this committee is shown below and their terms of reference can be found here.




Contact details

Prof. Peter Hatton

Durham University

Dr M. Alfredsson
University of Kent
Prof. A. Beale
Dr A Broomsgrove
EPSRC Liaison
Mr M. Hahn
ESRF Liaison
University of Warwick
Prof M. Cain
Electrosciences Ltd
Dr. K. Edler University of Bath
Prof. B. Hickey University of Leeds
Dr. R. Johnson UCL Chair of PRP
Prof. S. Langridge ISIS, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
Dr. C. Nicklin Diamond Light Source
Prof. W. Stirling Institut Laue Langevin   stirling at ill dot fr
Prof. C. Lucas University of Liverpool
Dr. T. Hase University of Warwick
Prof. M. Cooper University of Warwick
Dr Y. Grunder University of Liverpool
Ms N. Borrel University of Warwick Secretary to PMC