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Management Committee

The mid-range facility is supported by a committee of independent representatives from relevant research communities.

The membership of this committee is shown below and their terms of reference can be found at the end of this page.



Contact details

Prof. Peter Hatton, Chairman

Durham University

Dr M. Alfredsson

University of Kent

Prof. A. Beale


Mr S Crook, EPSRC Liaison


Mr M. Hahn, ESRF Liaison

ESRF CRG Liaison Office

Prof M. Cain

Electrosciences Ltd

Dr. K. Edler

University of Bath

Prof. B. Hickey

University of Leeds

Dr. R. Johnson, Chair of PRP


Prof. S. Langridge

ISIS, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory

Dr. C. Nicklin

Diamond Light Source

Prof. W. Stirling

Institut Laue Langevin

stirling at ill dot fr

Prof. C. Lucas

University of Liverpool

Dr. T. Hase

University of Warwick

Prof. M. Cooper

University of Warwick

Dr Y. Grunder

University of Liverpool

Mrs S Jarratt, Secretary to PMC

University of Warwick

Project Management Committee - Terms of Reference:

  • To monitor performance of the centre using established KPIs and the SLAs, as agreed with EPSRC;
  • To advise on the strategic direction of the XMaS Beamline facility and ensure that it is constantly seeking to meet the research needs of the community;
  • To provide oversight on staff resources;
  • To oversee and review the operation of the XMaS Beamline facility;
  • To monitor and assess the annual expenditure of the XMaS Beamline facility;
  • To advise on and monitor the development of the commercial strategy of the XMaS Beamline facility and on potential income generation including where this should potentially be invested;
  • To independently investigate User complaints not resolved by the XMaS Beamline facility using the detailed complaints procedure and to report on the outcome to the XMaS Beamline facility and EPSRC;
  • To be represented at the biā€annual XMaS Beamline facility meetings.

These terms of reference have been agreed with EPSRC (schedule 12 of contract).