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Collaborative Projects

The facility welcomes collaborations with user consortia and projects. Please contact us to discuss how we can support large scale projects.

EMRP Nanostrain Project

This programme is a collaboration between Europe's world-leading metrology experts, instrument scientists and global industry leaders including IBM, working together to develop innovative tools to measure strain accurately in piezoelectric materials at the nano-scale. The ultimate goal is to drive innovation in the next generation of electronics devices.


EVA Surface Analysis, in collaboration with the Department of Analytical Chemistry at Ghent University, has been developing a software suite to handle data sets from binary pseudo-TIFF structure found on CCD and pixel cameras to chaotic ad-hoc text formats like SPEC log files. The programme, written in Microsoft Visual Studio languages and running on Windows OS, enables data sets from XRD, XAS or XEOL to be processed.


XMaS is pleased to participate in the EURAMET project ADVENT: Metrology for advanced energy-saving technology in next-generation electronics applications.

XMaS contributes to the Open Reflectometry Standards Organisation in developing reflectivity metrologies.