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User Information

Preparing for your Experiment

You will receive an email from the ESRF user office several months before your experiment. This will confirm the dates of your experiment and confirm your local contact. To ensure that the beamline is setup quickly and smoothly for your experiments, it would be appreciated if you could liaise with the local contact prior to your arrival.

XMaS will support up to 3 (and in extremis 4) users per experiment. This is not a restriction on the number of experimentalists, but you should make your own budgetary arrangements for those in excess of 3. The ESRF guesthouse still appears adequate to accommodate all our users, though CRG users will always have a lower priority than the ESRF's own users. Do remember to complete the web-based "A form" requested of you when you receive the ESRF invitation. All attendees must be listed, since this informs the safety group of the attendees and is used to organise all site passes, meal cards and accommodation. To ensure your reservation in the ESRF guesthouse it is recommended that you fill in the A-form as soon as possible.

Expenses claim form

An electronic copy of the claim form is available for download.

Please not that for all UK-based claimants, the expense form must be signed by hand.

The living allowance is 70 euros per day per beamline user — the equivalent actually reimbursed in pounds sterling. In the section ''Details of expenditures'', write 'XMaS living allowance’ and €70 multiplied by the number of days on the experiment (receipts are not necessary). The €70 living allowance covers accommodation at the ESRF guesthouse and all food. All other travel expenses can be claimed with receipts.

The exchange rate from the University of Warwick is calculated from the first day of the experiment.

For anyone with a non-UK bank account, please download and attached the 'foreign bank account details form'.

Please leave the section below 'Expenditure Codes' blank. Send the claim form by hard copy with the relevant receipts to the address below:

Sarah Jarratt
XMaS Project Coordinator
Physics Department
University of Warwick
Gibbet Hill Road
United Kingdom