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Katie Pickering

PhD Project

Exploring Magnesium Chemistry: From Reactive Precursors To Synthetic Minerals

Supervisors: Richard Walton (Chemistry) Kirill Shafran (BYK). Sponsor: BYK 

This PhD project is in collaboration with BYK R&D in Widnes, UK. The aim is to understand how solution chemistry can be used to tailor the formation of magnesium materials that are precursors to industrial products used in various technologies related to additives in coatings. This includes a study of nanostructured magnesium hydroxides and basic magnesium salts with and without additional organic ligands.

The project explores systematically the corresponding chemistries of magnesium-bearing materials in order to control key parameters, crucial for their industrial application. The project pays particular attention to hydrothermal methods of Mg-based material synthesis, looking for unique advantages over other synthetic approaches.

Academic Background

Analytical Science (PhD) - University of Warwick 2020-
Master of Chemistry with International Placement (MChem) - University of Warwick 2016-2020


"In situ X-ray Scattering of the Crystallisation of Basic Magnesium Chlorides Using a Laboratory Instrument" K. S. Pickering, S. Huband, K. L. Shafran, R. I. Walton, Chemistry–Methods 2022, 2, DOI 10.1002/cmtd.202200033.

Conference Attendance

Midlands Material Conference (Birmingham, Jan 2023) - poster presentation

Solid State Chemistry Group Christmas Meeting (Cambridge, Dec 2022) - poster presentation

Advanced Inorganic Materials (Bari, Jun 2022) - poster presentation

AS-CDT Annual Conference (Jun 2022) - poster and oral presentation

Understanding Crystallisation Faraday Discussion (York, Mar 2022) - poster presentation