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Jordan Lee

Project title: Understanding how molecules are delivered to biosurfaces from evaporating droplets

, feel free to contact me using my details to the right if you have any questions about my work, the advanced materials lab or need to contact me for any other reason.

I am a PhD student in the ASCDT at Warwick University. I joined the ASCDT and the electrochemistry and interfaces Group in 2022, after completing my Master of Chemistry (MCHEM) degree in Chemistry with Materials and Nanoscience at Heriot-Watt University. My PhD project focuses on the development and application of scanning probe microscopy techniques for studying nanomaterials and systems. I am interested in the physical and chemical properties of nanoscale systems and their potential for novel functionalities and applications. I have skills in nanofabrication, data analysis, and instrument design and integration. I am eager to learn from and collaborate with other researchers in the field.

Me and the new thermo-SECCM instrument

Typical activities:

Custom scanning probe microscopy

Nanofabrication and analysis of samples and probes

3D printing, construction and integration of new scientific instruments

FPGA programming

Python data analysis

COMSOL multiphysics simulations

Warwick Supervisor: Prof. Patrick Unwin
Syngenta Supervisor: Dr Stanley Lai

Conferences: 11th SECM workshop, Montreal, 2023


Design and Development of Temperature-Controlled Scanning Electrochemical Cell Microscopy (SECCM) (Expected early 2024)

Contact Links
jordan dot s dot lee at warwick dot ac dot uk
Office: C1.12
Warwick Electrochemistry and Interfaces Group 
Postage address

MOAC, (Senate House)
University of Warwick,
Coventry, United Kingdom