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Joe Darling

In 2023 I joined Claire Dancer's group with the PhD title Understanding and Controlling High Temperature Mechanical Properties of Ceramics to Enable the Ultimate Engine, sponsored by Carnot Engines.

Before my PhD:

I initially joined the AS CDT in 2022 in the 1+3 program with 2 mini projects from Astrazeneca.

Project 1: EPR investigation into cationic lipid degradation mechanisms

Which used electron paramagnetic resonance to attempt to understand lipid degradation

Project 2: Controlled nanoprecipitation of drug in kinetically unstable amorphous solid dispersion system

This project mostly focused on thermal analysis (TGA and DSC) to understand crystallisation in amorphous solid dispersions, as well as some use of other techniques.


I also did my undergraduate degree (Mphys) at Warwick, taking a range of modules across different physics areas, with my final year project using Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE) to attempt to grow Indium Bismide thin films as part of the surface group.

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