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Anton Cleverley

Current Work

Development and application of Electron Diffraction (ED) techniques for determination of molecular structure.

ED is a powerful technique determining molecular structure, but it has not yet been widely adopted. The technique has undergone a revolution since the turn of the 21st centaury making it more accessible and sought-after.
The ability to select nanometer-sized regions that are free of defects, with perfect crystallinity, is a distinct advantage for ED. This should lead to improved determination of even subtle structural distortions, as seen in ferroelectric and related materials. A range of functional ceramics will be studied using MicroED and results compared to synchrotron X-ray and neutron diffraction data.
MicroED has recently been successfully applied in the field of protein structure, where cryo-electron microscopy and protein crystallography approaches can be combined to solve previously unreachable protein structures.

I'm currently working on inorganic crystals in developing a robust processing pipeline and looking to investigate and improve the dynamical scattering models in order to optimise and strengthen ED results.

Bellow is a selection of the data I have obtained:

SAED of Silicon Over 140°


SAED of Ti0.6Ca2Mn0.4O4 over 120°


SAED of Gallium Arsenide over 60°



Modelling fine-sliced three dimensional electron diffraction data with dynamical Bloch-wave simulations. (2023)

Academic Background

PhD, University of Warwick 2020 - 2023
MSc in Analytical Science (Distinction), University of Warwick 2019 - 2020
BSc in Chemistry (First-class hons), University of South Wales 2011 - 2015


Royal Society of Chemistry South East Wales Local Selection Prize 2015 – Best Final Year BSc Chemistry Project

Commended for WATE award (Warwick Award for Teaching Excellence) 2023 'Postgraduates who teach'

Academic Societies

Royal Society Chemistry (MRSC)

Institute of Physics (MIOP)

IUCr Sig 4 (Electron Diffraction)

Scientific Employment

2017-2018 LGC Labs - Analytical scientist (Steroids, Drugs of Abuse (DOA) & Novel psychoactive Substances (NPS))

2018-2019 Malvern Panalytical - Applications Specialist - SEC/GPC