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Anton Cleverley

Current Work

Development and application of Electron Diffraction (ED) techniques for determination of molecular structure.

ED is a powerful technique determining molecular structure, but it has not yet been widely adopted. The technique has undergone a revolution since the turn of the 21st centaury making it more accessible and sought-after.
The ability to select nanometre-sized regions that are free of defects, with perfect crystallinity, is a distinct advantage for ED. This should lead to improved determination of even subtle structural distortions, as seen in ferroelectric and related materials. A range of functional ceramics will be studied using MicroED and results compared to synchrotron X-ray and neutron diffraction data.
MicroED has recently been successfully applied in the field of protein structure, where cryo-electron microscopy and protein crystallography approaches can be combined to solve previously unreachable protein structures.

I'm currently working on inorganic crystals in developing a robust processing pipeline and looking to investigate and improve the dynamical scattering models in order to optimise and strengthen ED results.

Current paper under construction - working title 'Dynamical corrections in 3D-ED data, are we finally
closing in on the R-factor gap, is the solution goats?' (unsure why goats are relevant? - ask me!)

Bellow is a selection of the data I have obtained:

SAED of Silicon Over 140°


SAED of Ti0.6Ca2Mn0.4O4 over 120°


SAED of Gallium Arsenide over 60°


Academic Background

PhD, University of Warwick 2020 - 2023
MSc in Analytical Science (Distinction), University of Warwick 2019 - 2020
BSc in Chemistry (First-class hons), University of South Wales 2011 - 2015


Royal Society of Chemistry South East Wales Local Selection Prize 2015 – Best Final Year BSc Chemistry Project

Academic Societies

Royal Society Chemistry (AMRSC)

Scientific Employment

2017-2018 LGC Labs - Analytical scientist (Steroids, Drugs of Abuse (DOA) & Novel psychoactive Substances (NPS))

2018-2019 Malvern Panalytical - Applications Specialist - SEC/GPC