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Transferable Skills

Introductory description

This module is designed to be integrated with all the other modules and research work you undertake during your MSc at the CDT.

CH948 aims to help you realise the skills that you have learned during your MSc that 'transfer' across the boundaries of any particular module. Its content is the kind of skills that future employers whether in academia or industry or elsewhere are concerned about. Frequently employers are less concerned about your specific technical skills than the fact that you can acquire such skills and use them in a diverse range of future projects.

Assessment group A
  Weighting Study time
Skills Development Portfolio 100% 120 hours

Establish a portfolio of transferable skills activity and collect evidence to show that all aspects of the syllabus list have been attained. Each item must be signed off by either the appropriate CDT director, MSc course director or their delegated deputy.

Module leader:

Dr Nikola P. Chmel