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In situ diffraction studies on functional electronic materials exhibiting ferroelectricity and colossal magnetoresistance

Supervisor: Mark Senn

The project will focus on in situ diffraction studies that will be used to gain insight into the structure-property relationship in functional electronic materials that exhibit ferroelectricity and colossal magnetoresistance. In the project, the structure and properties of these materials will be characterised using state-of-the-art central facilities, including the UK and European synchrotron and neutron spallation sources. A particular emphasis of the project will be studying how the structures of these materials changes under the application of electric fields, uniaxial strain and hydrostatic pressure. These experiments will give a greater understanding of switching pathways in ferroelectrics and the orbitally ordered states in magnetoresistance materials, leading to the future design of new and enhanced functional materials with applications in electronics, such as solid-state data storage devices.+

This position is no longer available.