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Physics Projects

Applicants are invited to apply for an Analytical Sciences CDT joint MSc and PhD (1+3 route) focused on the area of physics. Applicants will have a choice of mini-research projects and PhD projects in the areas of

1) Studies of Topological Superconductors using Muon Spectroscopy

Description: The growth and characterisation of topological superconductors using low-temperature transport studies, magnetic measurements, and muon spectroscopy.

Superconductivity and Magnetism Group, Department of Physics


Supervisors: Dr Martin Lees and Prof. Geetha Balakrishnan

Martin Lees:

Geetha Balakrishnan:

External Partners

Muon Spectroscopy Group – ISIS neutron and Muon Source

ISIS Supervisor: Dr Pabitra Biswas


(2) “Organic thin film electronic devices"

Description: X-ray characterisation of electronic devices based on organic molecules using in-situ and in-operando x-ray techniques. The project involves thin film growth, micro and nano-scale patterning and device optimisation.



Thomas Hase:

Partners: University of Southern Denmark, Jakob Kjelstrup-Hansen,:

XMaS Beamline, Oier Bikondoa:


(3) “Magnetic materials with highly frustrated interactions studied with neutron diffraction and spectroscopy”

Oleg Petrenko, Physics