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To increase my understanding of various areas of science I have attended some master level modules. The modules I have taken are:

Data acquisition I: Biophysical techniques and instrumentation design (CH921) Which introduced biophysical instrumentation and methods of data collection. The instrumentation taught included absorbance spectroscopy, x-ray crystallography, NMR and linear dichroism.

Data, Bioinformatics and Statistics (CH923) which introduce statistical and bioinformatic tools for science. Computer packages such as R and Genstat were taught.

Computation II: Molecular modelling (CH926) which introduced different molecular modelling techniques. Theory behind MO and Monte Carlo was taught and practical classes taught the use of the application of molecular modelling.

I have attended a circular dichroism (CD) workshop which taught the different uses of CD and the theory behind it

I have also attended a Microscopy Course taught by the Physics Department, this was an introduction on the different types of microscopies and the uses.