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Transferable Skills

The transferrable skills module which shall be undertaken over the three years of study incorporates many areas which are relevant to the work I shall be doing. It involves the completion of six modules, two in each year of study.

The first year involves the completion of a portfolio containing the following:

  • Literature Review
  • Research Plan
  • Research Reports at various times of the year
  • Poster Marking
  • Year 1 Research Poster
  • Planning a meeting
  • Attending seminars and reviewing the topic discussed

As part of the first year the second module involved attending a team building workshop at Scalford Hall in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, which involved tasks out of doors and creating presentations for different situations under pressure.

Picture 1: My group discussing how to approach a task that has been set (Im the girl on the left with my back to the photographer)

Picture 2: My group completing a task - to get everyone through a spiders web without touching the string (Im the one being lifted through)

The second year also involves the completion of a portfolio, this is to contain the following:

  • Research Plan
  • Research Reports
  • Review of Recent Advances
  • Presentation
  • Year 2 Research Poster
  • Attending seminars and reviewing
  • Networking
  • Planning a Meeting

A Science Communication module is part of the second year activities. This module was a 4 day trip to Imperial College London Science Communication department. The course involved a visit to BBC bush house where we were asked to have prepared a science radio show lasting 20 minutes. During the course we were taught how to write press releases and we put together our own radio and television broadcasts.

n518555625_6732132_1271337.jpg Equipment me on the radio

Picture 1: BBC Bush House

Picture 2: The sound desk at the BBC

Picture 3: Me recording my part of our radio show

The third year contains modules 5 and 6 of the transferable skills certificate. The fifth module involves the completion of the final portfolio piece. This has to contain the following:

  • Research and Thesis Plans
  • Critical Review
  • Scientific Writing Exercises
  • Networking
  • Presentations
  • Research Application and Career Development
  • Ethical Principles
  • Time and Resource Management
  • U/G Teaching
  • Planning a Meeting

The final module for the transferable skills course was a three day residencial course entitled "Decision Making and Leadership". The course took place at the Cumberland Lodge in Windsor. The course focused on how to handle working in managerial type roles and discovering the types of leaders we are as individuals. It also involved a lot of forward planning and thinking about our future careers.

Cumberland lodge windsor deer park me at the deer park

Picture 1: Cumberland Lodge "the mews". Where the course took place and where we slept.

Picture 2: If you squint you can make out hundred of deer. Just around the corner from the lodge

Picture 3: Me in the deer park during our thinking time.

On the 24th November 2010 the examining body awarded me with the Postgraduate Certificate in Transferable Skills in Science

tss cert