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Group Members

Current Clark Group Members

Dr. Andrew Clark (Associate Professor of Synthesis).

Associate Professor in Synthetic Chemistry at the University of Warwick. He was the recipient of the 1997 SCI prize for promising researcher under the age of 30 awarded at the House of Commons, other awards include Novartis ACE award, SCI-UK postgraduate award, and Danielli Award. He undertakes a broad range of synthetic chemistry including natural product synthesis, synthetic methodology, free radical and polymer chemistry. Internationally recognised for work in free radical chemistry (over 50 refereed papers / chapters), in particular the development of copper mediated atom transfer reactions (ATRC) and polymerisations (ATRP).

Post Graduate Research Workers

Jess Phillips (New catlaysts for Atom Transfer Radical Cyclisation, funded by EPSRC

Collette Guy (5-Endo Radical Cyclisations, funded by University of Warwick.

Andrew Sellars (New Materials from Waste Products, funded by Department)

Andrew Ross (New non-stick coatings, funded by Coopers Coated Coil)


Presentation 1 renewable

Presentation 2 radical

Past Group Members include:

PDRA: Dr. N. Pullan, Dr. M. Ahmad, Dr. S. Coles, Dr. A. E. C. Collis, Dr. J. A. Sherringham, Dr. T. A. Straw, Dr. L. Y. Mwaikambo, Dr. D. D. Duncalf

PhD: A. H. Ross, A. B. Sellars, C. S. Guy, N. James, L. Halliwell, D. Woodcock, S.S. Hoong, H. Parekh, P. Wilson, N. P. Murphy, J. V.Geden, J. P. McDonagh, D. Patel, G. Battle, J. Ellard, H. Wongtap, N. A. Hunt, R. Filik, Y. S. S. Al-Faiyz, K. Worsfold, J. Peacock, S. Rooke, I. Kasujee

MSc: Y. U. Madu, L. Yahya, A. Tebbit, Z. Khayat, Y. S. S. Al-Faiyz


Dr. Andy Clark



Dr. Andrew Clark

(Associate Professor of Synthetic Chemistry)

Department of Chemistry
University of Warwick
Gibbet Hill Road

Tel: (024) 7652 3242