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Chemistry Perrier Group

Macromolecular Engineering: Can Nature be Replicated by a Synthetic Process?

Nature has evolved materials that are complex, reproducible, of controlled structure (e.g. molecular weight, size) and produced on a large scale and efficient process.

We aim at following the concept developed by nature by building macromolecules that combine (good enough) precision in functionality and architecture / structure, in a reproducible, efficient and simple process.


Introduction of the term "macromolecules" in 1922:
"Polymers are not aggregates of small molecules held together by undefined forces. Instead, they are macromolecules held together by ordinary covalent bonds." Hermann Staudinger (1881 – 1965),
1953 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry.

"Dear colleague, drop the idea of large molecules; organic molecules with a molecular weight higher than 5000 do not exist. Purify your products, such as rubber, then they will crystallize and prove to be low molecular compounds!" (Letter from Heinrich Wieland, 1927 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, to Staudinger)