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Young Macromolecular Researcher Webinar - Programme

Our second webinar series will involve two separate programmes for EU/US and EU/Asia-Pacific time zones on alternating weeks. Full details of our programme can be found below.

EU/US Programme

20.10., 3.11. and 17.11. at 17:00-18:00 (UK)
Register for EU/US talks here

Date Speaker Talk title

Julia Cuthbert
Carnegie Mellon University

Harnessing Controlled Radical Polymerization (CRP) for Structurally Tailored and Engineered Macromolecular (STEM) gels [1][2]

Dr Chin Ken Wong
University of Münster

Vesicular polymer hexosomes and their topological defects [1][2]

Nethmi De Alwis
Miami University

Accelerating the dynamic bond exchange and mechanical properties of crosslinked polymers using mechanical forces [1]

Dr Dowon Ahn
University of Texas at Austin

Fast, high-resolution 3D printing with visible light [1]

Dr William Neary
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

End-to-end depolymerization of polypentenamer bottlebrush polymers [1][2]

Dinesh Kumar
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Shape dynamics of lipid vesicles using automated flow control [1][2]




EU/Asia-Pacific Programme

27.10., 10.11. and 24.11. at 9:00-10:00 (UK)
Register for EU/Asia-Pacific talks here

Date Speaker Talk title

Tobias Nitsche
Queensland University of Technology

Single chain nanoparticles and their in-depth characterization via mass spectrometry coupled to size exclusion chromatography [1][2]

Dr Yinling Wang
Fudan University

Controlled radical polymerization toward ultra-high molecular weight by rationally designed borane radical initiators [1]

Matt Donald
University of Warwick

When Mayo falls short (Ctr >> 1): Determining chain transfer constants (Ctr) in radical polymerizations [1]

Hyunji Ma
Seoul National University

Self-assembly of bottlebrush block copolymers into triply periodic nanostructures in a dilute solution [1]

Ayaat Mahmoud
Monash University

(TBA) [1][2]

Dr Ignacio Insua
University of Santiago de Compostela

Hierarchical self-assembly of cyclic peptides in 1D and 2D [1][2]