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Seb has been lucky enough to work with lots of talented researchers from all around the world. Here is a map showing nationalities of scientists that have worked in our group or that we have collaborated with. We hope to add more flags in the future!

Current Collaborations

Dr. Dominik Kubicki - University of Warwick

Dr. Ana Cunha - University of Antwerp

Prof. Frank De Proft & Prof Frederik Tielens - Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Dr. Anna Regoutz – University College London

Dr. Mark Greenhalgh – University of Warwick

Dr. Tobias Kramer – Maynooth University, Ireland

Dr. Nicholas Hine – University of Warwick

Dr. Andrea Vezzoli - University of Liverpool

Prof. Julie Macpherson - University of Warwick

Prof. Dom Wright, Dr. Virgil Andrei, Prof. Erwin Reisner – University of Cambridge


At Cambridge Seb collaborated with many talented researchers and academics including those in the Wright, Wheatley and Reisner Groups. In particular, close collaborators included Virgil Andrei, Kellie Jenkinson, Raj Jethwa and Charles Creissen


At Imperial College London Seb worked with a fantastic team of researchers across the Chemistry and Materials departments including Professor Charlotte Williams, Professor Milo Shaffer, Dr. Andres Garcia Trenco (Catalysis and Chemical Engeneering), Dr. Ed White (Microscopy), Dr. Anna Regoutz & Dr. David Payne (X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy) as well as working with talented students, in particular Alice Leung, Nick Sammy and Zac Goodwin.

The study of ZnO nanoparticles involved a productive collaboration with the Parkin and Macrobert groups at University College London. In particular Sandeep Sehmi and Dr. Sacha Noimark investigated the antimicrobial properties of polymer films impregnated with ZnO nanoparticles.

Other colleagues from London have since taken up academic positions:

Dr. Jenni Garden – UKRI FLF, University of Edinburgh

Dr. Charles Romain – Junior Research Fellow, Imperial College London

Dr. Anna Regoutz – Lecturer in Materials Chemistry, UCL


During Seb’s period in the Weller group (2009-2014) Seb worked with many talented researchers, many of whom have gone on to further academic and scientific posts. Seb’s supervisor was Prof. Andrew Weller (Professor of Inorganic Chemistry and Fellow of Magdalen College Oxford). Andy’s research group are experts in organometallic synthesis particularly low coordinate complexes, with research interests in hydroacylation catalysis, amine-borane polymerisation and alkane coordination.

Other previous collegues from the Weller group that currently work in academia include:

Dr. Adrian Chaplin, Reader at the University of Warwick who specialises in studies of organometallic complexes for catalysis and small molecule activation.

Dr. Miguel Huertos is now studying at Ikerbasque in Bilbao.

Dr. Rowan Young is now an Assistant Professor at the National University of Singapore working on transition metal and frustrated lewis pair catalysis.

Dr. Indrek Pernik left Oxford for the other side of the world and now works at the University of Sydney.

Dr. Mark Chadwick is an Imperial College Research Fellow, working with early transition metals

Dr Pen Reng studies in Shenzhen city, Guandong province, China

Dr. Amit Kumar is now a Leverhulme Early Career Fellow at St. Andrews with an interest in pincer chemistry

Dr. Tobias Kramer now has a lectureship at Maynooth University, Ireland