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Pike Group summer day out in Leamington. Celebrating RSC prizes and Exam results.

Current Group

PhD Students

Ashwani Chikara 2022-

Ashwani is a Eutopia-cotutelle Phd Student collaborating with Prof Frank De proft and Prof Frederik Tielens in Vrije Universiteit Brussel. His project focusses on optimising Ti-oxo cluster based materials for photocatalysis

Master's Students

Nicky Chan 2023-24

Nicky is exploring the solution reactivity of Ce-oxo clusters including proton-couped electron transfer and in catalytic processes

Previous Group Members


 Ananthu Rajan (2022/23)

PhD students

Haijiao Lu (2017-19) visiting from Tianjin University –> Postdoc Australian National University --> DECRA fellowship University of Queensland


Seb, Josh, Rebecca and Haijiao 2018

MChem & MSc students

Emanuele Vismara (2021/22) --> Marketing for new battery technologies, Green Energy Storage

Ryan Andrews (2021/22) --> Software Development, Civil Service

Joanna Mantaloufa (2021) --> Research Assistant, working with Prof. Julie Macpherson, Warwick

Ajanthan Panchalingam (2021)

Alex Veale (2020-21) —> Research & Development, SunChemical

Kinran Lau (2018-19) –> PhD with IMPRS-SurMat at the University of Duisburg-Essen, supervised by Prof. Stephan Barcikowski and Prof. Martin Muhler

Jack Payne (2018-2019) --> Renewable Connections (solar and battery energy storage)

Rebecca Murray-Watson (2017-18) —> PhD Imperial College London

Joshua Du Plooy (2017-18) —> Strategy Consultant, Deloitte

Christmas with the Greenhalgh and Brinkert groups

Research day with the Jupp Group

Stephen presents at the Synthesis and Catalysis Seminar Series

Tom braves the steps to the top of Warwick's 1.0 GHz SSNMR spectrometer

Master's Project Stories

Ryan Andrews joined the group in 2021/2022 with a project investigating the mechanism of photoredox reactivity of Ti-oxo clusters. Ryan synthesised new clusters and used them to understand photochemical pathways. His research contributed to a research article which was submitted to a leading journal soon after his project finished.

Alex Veale completed his MChem project in 2021. Alex studied the synthesis of brand new Ti-oxo clusters, using new techniques to functionalise the surface of these clusters whilst retaining the core cluster structure. Alex's new compounds undergo photochemical excitation and following Alex's project the group are now studying the EPR spectroscopy of these intriguing compounds.

Rebecca Murray-Watson studied organocopper chemistry as precursors for Cu based nanomaterials. During Rebecca's project she uncovered the crystal structure of an organocopper coordination polymer, a structure which had eluded full structural characterisation for over 50 years! Rebecca's work is published in organometallics.