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Asymmetric Catalysis Technology

Wills Research Group, Warwick University.

With the aid of funding from research councils, industries and other organisations, we have developed a number of new organometallic complexes for use in asymmetric catalysis of organic reactions. These compounds have substantial environmental and cost advantages over traditional methods.

These include:

Very active and enantioselective catalysts, based on Ru(II) and Rh(III) for the transfer hydrogenation and pressure hydrogenation of ketones and imines.

Active catalysts for asymmetric hydroformylation reactions.

Several other classes of C-C bond forming reactions, such as allylic substitution.


Some of these catalysts have been patented and have provided benefits to many industrial users of asymmetric technology.


We have also recently initiation a project on an enzyme which carries out enantioselective decarboxylation reactions, and on a new class of organocatalyst.


We therefore have benefitted from experience over recent years in asymmetric catalysis and also chiral analysis methods. We are enthusiastic about anything to do with catalysis, particularly homogeneous and asymmetric, and would be happy to collaborate on any project where this experience and enthusiasm would be helpful.



For further details of or to make an enquiry please contact Professor Martin Wills.