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Wills group research - Organometallic asymmetric catalysis

Recent results in the area of asymmetric catalysis using organometallic catalysts, particularly for asymmetric transfer hydrogenation of ketones and imines. We study the versatility and the kinetics of the reactions, and are always seeking new applications.

For examples of applications of the tethered complexes by other academic groups see:

Su, Y.; Tu, Y-Q.; Gu, P. Org. Lett. 2014, 16, 4204-4207. An application to the synthesis of gamma-lactones via reduction of an in situ-generated ketone.

Mangion, I. K.; Cheng-yi Chen, C.-y.; Li, H.; Maligres, P.; Chen, Y.; Christensen, M.; Cohen, R.; Jeon, I.; Klapars, A.;
Krska, S.; Nguyen, H.; Reamer, R. A.; Sherry, B. D.; Zavialov, I. Org. Lett., 2014, 16, 2310–2313. An application to reduction of a C=NH bond leading to a pharmaceutical target molecule.

For our work see the publications list for the references and more information. Selected examples are shown.

dioxinone_reductions_abstract_for_web_jpeg.jpgref 124

arene_abs_for_web_redrawn.jpgref 122

amphi_joc_2013_for_web_as_jpg.jpgref 120


2012_asc_katie_ga_jpg.jpg ref 114

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vimal_quins_jpg.jpgreference 103

09_ol_847.jpgreference 97.

05joc8079.jpgreference 80

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04_tl_esphos.jpgreferences 46 and 71