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CIU Staff Members

CIU Core Staff in Ultrasonics

Prof. Steve Dixon (Director)



Steve Dixon has been working in ultrasonics research since 1991, and has worked on collaborative R&D projects with over 100 different industrial partners since that time. He established the Centre for Industrial Ultrasonics in 2011 in order to make it easier for industry and particularly SMEs to engage with University research. He is a Royal Society Industry Research Fellow and also holds a 5 year EPSRC Fellowship, researching a new generation of ultrasonic transducers. He has previously served as the Academic Chair of and is currently a founding Member of the EPSRC funded Research Centre for NDE. He has previously held a 5 year Royal Academy of Engineering Fellowship and a 5 year EPSRC Advanced Research Fellowship. For 10 years he was the Editor-in-Chief of Nondestructive Testing and Evaluation and is on the editorial boards of Insight and NDT&E International. In recognition of his work to deliver impact and real world benefits to industry he was made a Warwick Ventures Enterprise Champion.

Research Interests: Ultrasonic measurements of material properties, non-contact ultrasound, non-destructive evaluation and testing, ultrasonic transduction, ultrasonic measurement of metallurgical microstructure.

Prof. Dave Hutchins (Deputy Director)


David Hutchins joined the Warwick in 1988, but his career in ultrasonics research goes back over 35 years. He has previously worked at Queens University, Canada and the University of Hull. Over this time, Dave has worked with a large number of industrial partners ranging from large multimnationals to SMEs. Dave is also a Warwick Ventures Enterprise Champion, and is the Director of the Advanced Imaging and Measurement (AIM) Lab at Warwick.

Research Interests: Design and fabrication of ultrasonic systems, including transducers and sensors formed by micromachining techniques, communications and imaging, materials characterisation, flow measurement, non-destructive evaluation, medical imaging, and high power ultrasound.

Dr. Duncan Billson


Duncan BIllson obtained his PhD in the early 90s, working on ultrasonic transduction. After a period of working in industry in areas focused on non-destructive testing, he returned to academia to continue research into ultrasonics, having now worked in the field for over 25 years.

Research Interests: Ultrasonics, optoelectronics, Audio transduction, Sensors and transducers, digital photographic printing

Dr. Rachel Edwards


Rachel Edwards has been working in non-destructive testing and ultrasonicsfor over 10 years. She was awarded a prestigious EU ERC Fellowship in2008, and has worked on a number of research projects in collaborationwith industry in the past decade.

Research Interests: Noncontact generation and detection of ultrasound,using lasers and electromagnetic acoustic transducers. Modelling ofultrasound using PZFlex. Non-destructive testing. Cryogenic ultrasonicmeasurements of single crystals. Materials characterisation.

Mrs Maxine Haddleton (Membership Manager)

Maxine Haddleton

Maxine Haddleton is the Membership Manager for Industrial Members of the CIU, in additon to being the Department of Physics Impact co-ordinator. Maxine has worked in both industry and the University for many years and brings a great deal of expertise and experience to the role.

Dr. Zhichao Li


With several years postdoctoral research experience in ultrasonics, modelling, sensors, electronics and electromagnetic and magnetic NDT, Dr Zhichao Li works entirely on CIU industry funded projects.

Dr. Susan Burrows


Research Interests : Ceramics, material characterisation, non-destructive testing, new technolgies for piezoelectric materials.

Mr Jonathan Harrington
(Technical Support)


Jonathan Harrington is the Group's dedicated technician, with over 20 years experience of mechanical workshop experience, using a broad range of machines and tools, working in the R&D sector.

Dr Yuedong Xienoimageavailable.jpg

Yuedong Xie works as a Research Fellow in the CIU after 2 years as a postdoc at the University of Manchester.

Research Interests: Noncontact NDT, sensors and instrumentation, advanced modelling methods, nanogenerators

CIU Associated Staff

Dr. Yongmann Chung



Research Interests : Computational fluid dynamics & engineering fluid dynamics, unsteady flow simulations, flow control
Dr. Simon Leigh


Research Interests : Innovative materials, machines and devices based around the technology of 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing.
Prof. Mark Williams


Research Interests : Metrology, manufacturing technology, imaging including mirco-CT X-ray, digital prototyping.

Prof. Stuart Barnes


Research Interests : Machining for metals and composites, laser machining, conventional machining, high power ultrasonic assisted machining, net shape manufacturing.