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Duncan Billson's publications

Selected Publications:

Leigh, S. J., Bradley, R. J., Purssell, C. P., Billson, D. R. and Hutchins, D. A., “A simple, low-cost conductive composite material for 3D printing of electronic sensors” Submitted to PloS One. 2012.

Sanderson, R, Hutchins, D.A., Mudge, P., Billson, D.R. “The investigation of guided wave propagation around a pipe bend using an analytical modelling approach”

JASA, submitted May 2012

Leigh, S. J., Bowen, J., Purssell, C. P., Covington. J. A., Billson. D. R. and Hutchins, D. A, “Rapid manufacture of monolithic micro actuated forceps inspired by echinoderm pedicellariae” Bioinspiration and Biomimetics, 2012, 7, 044001.

Billson, D. R., Purssell, C. P., Leigh, S. J., and Hutchins, D. A., 2011, “Rapid prototyping technologies for ultrasonic beam focusing in NDE” 2011 IEEE Ultrasonics Symposium, In press.

Hutchins, David; Billson, Duncan; Leigh, Simon; et al. “New designs of air-coupled ultrasonic transducers using micro-stereolithography” The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America

Volume: 131 Issue: 4 Pages: 3461 Published: 2012-Apr

S.J. Leigh, C.P Purssell, J. Bowen, D.A. Hutchins, J. A Covington, D.R. Billson, A miniature flow sensor fabricated by micro-stereolithography employing a magnetite/acrylic nanocomposite resin., Sensors and Actuators A: Physical 168, 66-71 (2011).

D.A. Hutchins, D.R. Billson, R.J. Bradley and K.S.Ho, “Structural health monitoring using polymer-based capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducers (CMUTs)”. Ultrasonics Vol.51 (No.8), 870-877 (2011).

D. Cheneler, J. Bowen, S.J. Leigh, C.P. Purssell, D.R. Billson, D.A. Hutchins, M.C.L. Ward, “Fabrication and analysis of cylindrical resin AFM microcantilevers”, Ultramicroscopy 111, 1214-1223 (2011).

K.S. Ho, R.J. Bradley, D.R. Billson and D.A. Hutchins “Micro-stereolithography as a transducer design method”, Ultrasonics. 48, 1-5 (2008).

A. P. Medley, D. R. Billson, D. A. Hutchins, and A. Neild, “Acoustic fields of nonplanar radiators”, J. Acoust. Soc. Am 122, 2587-93 (2007).

A. Neild, D.A. Hutchins, T.J. Robertson, L.A.J. Davis and D.R. Billson, “The radiated fields of focussing air-coupled ultrasonic phased arrays”, Ultrasonics 43, 183-195 (2005).

K.S. Ho, T.H. Gan, D.R. Billson and D.A. Hutchins (2005) 'Application of pulse compression signal processing techniques to Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducers (EMATs) for non-contact thickness measurements and imaging' Review Of Scientific Instruments 76 (paper 054902-1), 1 - 8 (0034-6748)

Billson D R, Neild A, Hutchins D A, Robertson T J, Davis L A J (2005) 'The radiated fields of focussing air-coupled ultrasonic phased arrays' Ultrasonics 43 (3), 183 - 195