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Oksana Trushkevych's publications

Selected publications

O Trushkevych, V Reshetnyak, M Turvey, RS Edwards, Polymer-dispersed liquid-crystal coatings for ultrasound visualization: Experiment and theory, Physical Review E, 109 (6), 064701 (2024)

O Trushkevych, M Turvey, DR Billson, R Watson, DA Hutchins and RS Edwards, Acoustic field visualisation using local absorption of ultrasound and thermochromic liquid crystals, Ultrasonics 140 (1), 107300 (2024)

O. Trushkevych, S. Dixon, Soft magnetostrictive patches for guided wave ultrasonics using Wiedemann effect based MPT and EMATs, Insight-Non-Destructive Testing and Condition Monitoring, 66 (1), 12-18 (2023)

O. Trushkevych, S. Dixon, M. Tabatabaeipour, MDG Potter, C. MacLeod, G. Dobie, RS Edwards, Calibration-free SH guided wave analysis for screening of wall thickness in steel with varying properties,NDT & E International, 102789 (2023)

O. Trushkevych, M. Tabatabaeipour, S. Dixon, MDG Potter, G. Dobie, C. MacLeod, RS Edwards, Miniaturised SH EMATs for fast robotic screening of wall thinning in steel plates,IEEE Sensors Journal, 21, 2, 1386-1394 (2020)

O. Trushkevych and R. S. Edwards, "Differential coil EMAT for simultaneous detection of in-plane and out-of-plane components of surface acoustic waves,"IEEE Sensors Journal 20 (19), 11156-11162 (2020)

RS Edwards, J Ward, LQ Zhou, O.Trushkevych, "The interaction of polymer dispersed liquid crystal sensors with ultrasound",Applied Physics Letters, 116 (4), 044104 (2020)

O. Trushkevych, R.S. Edwards,"Characterisation of small defects using miniaturised EMAT system",NDT & E International,107,102140 (2019)

O. Trushkevych, T.J.R. Eriksson, S.N. Ramadas, S. Dixon and R.S. Edwards, “Acousto-optics with polymer dispersed liquid crystals for ultrasound sensing”,Applied Physics Letters 107,054102 (2015)

O. Trushkevych, V.A. Shah, M. Myronov, J.E. Halpin, S.D. Rhead, M.J. Prest, D.R. Leadley and R.E. Edwards, “Laser-vibrometric ultrasonic characterization of resonant modes and quality factors of Ge membranes”,Science and Technology of Advanced Materials,15, 2,025004 (2014)

O. Trushkevych, Y. Fan, R. Perry and R.E. Edwards “Magnetic phase transitions in Gd64Sc36 measured using noncontact ultrasonics”,Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics,46,105005 (2013)

O. Trushkevych, P. Ackerman, W.A. Crossland, I.I. Smalyukh “Optically Generated Adaptive Localized Structures in Confined Chiral Liquid Crystals Doped with Fullerene”,Applied Physics Letters, 97, 20, 201906, (2010)

O. Trushkevych, F. Gölden, M. Pivnenko, H. Xu, N. Collings, W.A. Crossland, S. Müller and R. Jakoby “Dielectric anisotropy of nematic liquid crystals loaded with carbon nanotubes in a microwave range”,Electronics Letters,46, 10,693 - 695 (2010)(highlight article)

O. Trushkevych, N. Collings, T. Hasan, V. Scardaci, A. C. Ferrari, T. D. Wilkinson, W. A. Crossland, W. I. Milne, J. Geng, B. F. G. Johnson, and S. Macaulay, “Characterisation of carbon nanotube - thermotropic nematic liquid crystal composite materials”,Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics,41,125106 (2008)