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Warwick Racing

Warwick Racing


Warwick Racing are a group of academic and extracurricular projects run by Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG) and supported by the School of Engineering. Students studying engineering at the University of Warwick gain valuable practical and project management skills as part of this project.

Warwick Racing are a student run racing team who design and build single seat race cars for participation at international competitions. In the past we have competed not only at the UK competitions, where we achieved 3rd Overall with 2nd in Design for Class 2 last year, but have travelled to Germany and even as far as Australia! Abroad, we competed against teams from all over the world and reached an international audience.

Warwick Racing Electric Team

This year the team are designing and manufacturing our first electric Formula Student vehicle. As the world trend moves more towards electric automobiles it is important that our next generation of engineers have hands on experience with electric powertrains.

Warwick Racing are aiming to be the first ever UK University to design, manufacture and race an electric car at the Formula Student UK competition that completes all Dynamic events. Educating the next generation of engineers in electric vehicle technology and giving them the platform to innovate and create new technologies for the future.

Warwick Racing 8 Team

Since 2014, Warwick Racing has evolved to feature an extracurricular aspect, alongside the academic projects. The role of developing a car to compete in Formula Student has now become available to all Warwick students, allowing students of all degree streams and all years to take part. As a result of this our team has grown to more than 600 members, allowing them all to get involved in design, manufacture and testing our vehicles. Our newly founded business team has been a big attraction and has introduced marketing, sponsorship and finance roles to the team which have helped hugely in our rapid expansion.

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