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Warwick Racing team 2015

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Warwick Racing are a group of academic and extracurricular projects run by Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG) and supported by the School of Engineering.

Previously, Warwick Racing consisted of several teams of 4th year MEng Engineering students that completed academic projects, which represented 25% of their final year marks. These projects involved the design and creation of a single seat racing car, which was entered into Formula Student, Europe's most established educational motorsport competition.

Warwick Racing 7 Team

Since 2014, Warwick Racing has evolved to feature an extracurricular aspect, alongside the academic projects. The role of developing a car to compete in Formula Student has now become available to all Warwick students, allowing students of all degree streams and all years to take part. As a result of this our team has grown to more than 600 members, allowing them all to get involved in design, manufacture and testing our vehicles. Our newly founded business team has been a big attraction and has introduced marketing, sponsorhsip and finance roles to the team which have helped hugely in our rapid expansion.

Forum Student UK 2015

Warwick Racing Academic Projects

Since Warwick Racing expanded, our academic projects have changed in focus too. MEng students selected for the final year projects involving Warwick Racing are now involved with the research and development of future vehicles, to support the extracurricular team. Find out more about the academic projects previous teams have worked on.