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Warwick rickSURE

Welcome to rickSURE; a fourth year MEng project undertaken by students from The University of Warwick, run by WMG in association with TATA Steel. The task is to design, develop and prototype an energy storage and deployment device for a rickshaw. The project was founded under the TATA Steel initiative of improving lives in under developed areas. The motivation and ultimate goal behind this project is to help improve the quality of life experienced by rickshaw pullers in india.


The team's name and logo was chosen to illustrate that the importance of this work resides in promoting the development of rickshaws with smarter, more efficient energy consumption, rather than the specific solution itself. Tackling a problem much bigger than ourselves, we hope to inspire future teams to keep the wheels turning, and further our progress in providing Safe Usable Renewable Energy.

This project would not have been possible without the support and guidance from the TATA Steel group and Warwich Manufacturing Group (WMG).