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Academic Project

Since the foundation of Warwick Racing in 2007, the University’s formula student team has been purely academic, whereby each year the team would be formed from a variety of fourth year MEng students from a diverse range of engineering disciplines in order to both design and build a Formula Student style race car. The project gathered immense popularity due to the acquired skills, transferrable into a typical automotive engineering industry.


As of the academic year of 2014/2015, the team witnessed some structural changes. The design and build of the car to be used at competition during active years at competition would be engineered by a team of students ranging from all engineering backgrounds from first to final years, therefore allowing for more students to get involved and increasing the scope for member development.

The current academic project is now focussed towards future technical insertion; the team of MEng finalists perfect a particular area of the car through dedicated research. A solid research base is also built from the academic works of third year students, through self-defined research project titles undertaken as part of the requirements for a Master’s degree.

To discover more about our individual and group based projects, click the links below:

Group Projects (final year MEng)

  • Fomula Student Chassis
  • Formula Student Electric Powertrain

Individual Projects (3rd Year)

  • Front Wing Design for Aerodynamic Advances
  • Rear Wing Design for Aerodynamic Advances
  • Data Acquisition and Performance Optimisation
  • Development of Project Management Methodology for Warwick Racing
  • Design and Manufacture of an Engine Intake System Using Innovative Soluable 3D Printing Technology