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Past Team Contacts

We are currently in the process of gathering information about alumni of Warwick Formula Student in the past six years, and once this is finished, we will add their details to this section. If you are an alumnus please fill in the alumni form and we will keep in touch.

2011/2012 Team
Name Destination on Graduation
Sagar Depala Jaguar Land Rover
Alison Roberts Jaguar Land Rover
Hubert Pikora Jaguar Land Rover
Darren Skilton Jaguar Land Rover
Murray Mitchell Bosch
Quirin Kellner


Markus Dittmann Bosch
Andy Fraser Ricardo
Jim Harris Ricardo
Richard Ebsworth Ricardo
Ryan Kenyon Rolls Royce

2010/2011 Team
Name Destination on Graduation
Sophie Dippie Jaguar Land Rover
George Mutteen Jaguar Land Rover
Rob Jolly Jaguar Land Rover
Matt Shillito Jaguar Land Rover
Will Playford PhD University of Cambridge
Charlie Box Dyson
Sebastien Comberbach Ricardo
Chris Williams Rolls Royce
James Haythornthwaite Citi Private Bank
Harry Gordon-Finlayson BookaTrack
Rob McDonald PA Consulting Group
Joel Ward Bertrandt UK

2007/2008 Team
Name Destination on Graduation
Mike McGhee PhD at University of Nottingham
Phil Turner Rolls Royce
Tom Williams Morgan Stanley
D.J.R. Chapman MBDA
Richard Emmett Undecided
Matt Skidmore Undecided
William Jones Undecided
Aran Hakki Undecided
D.J. Chapman (Chappers) Undecided
Adam Foster Undecided
Katherine Tupper Undecided

2004/2004 Team
Name Current Position
Phil Marsen Project Manager, Ministry of Defence
Gareth Pemberton European Quality Control Engineer, Air Products
Edward Haigh Test Facility Engineer, Perkins / Caterpillar
Stuart Wood General Dynamics UK Limited