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About Us

The Origins of WMR

Warwick Mobile Robotics began as a project developed by a group of final year, multi-disciplinary MEng students at the University of Warwick. The project, looking at developing an autonomous robot football team was part of the School of Engineering, operating out of a laboratory situated in the IMC, International Manufacturing Centre, home of the world renowned WMG.

Present Day

Having moved on from robot football, WMR now has a team of undergraduates developing a robotic rescue platform for navigating a (simulated) collapsed building, locating and helping victims, both autonomously and using tele-operation.

The projects are supported and assisted by PhD students, University academics who act as the project directors (Dr Emma Rushforth ) and the helpful technicians on the IMC shop floor, not to mention many sponsors.

For more information about our projects, visit our project section.