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WMR Laboratory

Our laboratory is situated in a prime location within the Warwick International Manufacturing Centre which also houses the Warwick Manufacturing Group. Both are World renowned and boast a large number of corporate visitors including the current and previous Prime Ministers, Gordon Brown and Tony Blair, Renault’s Formula 1 Director of Engineering, Pat Symonds, Jack Straw, and the Ex-president of India, President Abdul Kalam.
WMR is located in the main hall with a frontage of 10 metres adjacent to the entrance concourse. We benefit from impressive facilities within the IMC including 5 axis machining, robotic cells, laser cutting and etching, 3D co-ordinate measuring, super computers and the robotics research department.

Our intention has been to open up the laboratory allowing students and visitors more involvement in our work. A complete office overhaul including new cabinets, display units, lighting, a LCD display screen and wall sized posters showing our progress and a more corporate approach to organisation.
For 2009/2010, RoboCup Rescue will be the project focus and the laboratory layout has been redesigned to reflect this. The robot football pitch has been moved to clear the central area for a new RoboCup Rescue demonstration arena.
View the laboratory on the web cam.