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Search & Rescue

  • Autonomous and Tele-operated tracked robot platforms designed to navigate a simulated collapsed building.
  • Functionality includes thermal vision, two way communication, CO2 sensing and illumination.

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    Unmanned Aerial Inspection

    • An ongoing PhD project to develop an UAV to internally inspect buildings.
    • This project is sponsored by Sellafield Ltd to help with their task of safely decommissioning the old Sellafield site.

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      Raspberry Pi Powered Quadcopter

      • A research project by a 3rd year electronics student investigating the viability of using a Raspberry Pi for autonomous flight.
      • Current progress including reading flight path from Google Earth, tracking and direction correction.

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        FIRA MiroSot: Robot Football Competition

        • Autonomous five aside 7.5cm robot football team.
        • Multiple achievements including 1st place in the 2006 UK MiroSot Simulation Championship, qualifying for the FIRA International Quarter Finals (Singapore), 2nd place in the 2007 UK MiroSot Championship

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          Autonomous Mower Robot

          • A PhD project to develop an autonomous vehicle for grass cutting tasks.
          • A ride-on greens mower that has been modified to be controlled by a computer and fitted with low-cost GPS.

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