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Competition Final Outcomes

WMR Search and Rescue are back after a week of intense competition at the RoboCup Rescue German Open 2011.

Our core platform proved to be a class above the competition with both our main teleoperated robot (USAR-T) and autonomous robot (under teleoperated control) (USAR-A) showing their mobility and rigidity over obstacles that no other competitor was able to navigate. Our performance in this area lead to the team being awarded the Best in Class Mobility award...

Tue 05 Apr 2011, 20:11

Our arm is working!

On the last day of the competition, we have managed to get our teleoperated arm working. We have one 'Search and Rescue' mission left so we shall update you on how you do!

Sun 03 Apr 2011, 13:14

Second and third competition day round up

Second Day of the competition we made the decision to drop our 2 scheduled runs in order to focus on fixing our arm control. We discovered multiple problems with the motor driver circuitry which we attempted to fix on the third day. Whilst repairing the teleoperated robot, we ran the autonomous robot in a teleoperated state to mitigate our losses. We ended the third day with a best in class run for mobility using the autonomous robot...

Sun 03 Apr 2011, 09:09

First competition day roundup

After dropping the first run of the day, WMR pull through and manage to score two victims in their second run.Team spirits ended high after talks of pulling out of the competition and everyone enjoyed a fantastic meal out at a local steak house...

Fri 01 Apr 2011, 12:21

Arrived and setting up

After our 21 hour journey with the across Europe yesterday, we have now arrived at the competition venue in Magdeburg, Germany...

Wed 30 Mar 2011, 12:00