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Student Spotlight: Lewis Mitchell

Having previously studied history at Warwick, I found out about the Humanitarian Engineering course through passionate staff and students on campus. What attracted me to the Masters was the freedom to specialise in areas that appealed to me, so I decided to dedicate the majority of my assignments around sport.

This has allowed me to increase my job prospects as I’ve always wanted to work within the sports industry and the course was able to provide me with the skills required for that. The final dissertation project also allowed me to connect with organisations within the world of sport sustainability and consequently increase my network.

As a result, I have been fortunate enough to work with a number of Premier League football clubs and develop a thesis analysing their ecological footprint. Studying Humanitarian Engineering here at Warwick has prepared me for my future and without it, I believe I would not have just landed my first job at Welsh Cycling! In the future I hope to continue working within the sports industry and I’m excited to build a career within sport sustainability.

Lewis Mitchell, MSc Humanitarian Engineering with Management student.

Wed 19 Aug 2020, 11:03

Join us for a free online preview of ICWES18!

As a precursor to the 18th International Conference of Women Engineers & Scientists, we are hosting an exclusive online preview this September. Monday 14 September, 13:00-15:00 BST.

Register here:

Wed 19 Aug 2020, 11:02

Student Perspective: Disaster by Choice

Disasters are not natural. They are caused by natural hazards that affect vulnerable human populations. Due to climate change, their frequency is increasing and we must be prepared to increase resilience all over the world. This paper, Disaster by Choice was written for the IL915 Humanitarian Law module and explores the role of international law and disaster risk reduction in mitigating and adapting to the effects of global warming on earth.

How can we make states and companies accountable to act globally responsible?


Filipa De Matos Coutinho is currently writing her thesis on Circular Reconstruction for Post-Disaster. She worked in a Mozambican NGO for 3 years, before enrolling at Warwick University in the MSc Humanitarian Engineering with Management programme. She intends to pursue a career in international emergency operations.

Tue 18 Aug 2020, 16:14

Graduate Award Scheme

In uncertain times, your plans for 2020 may have changed.

The University of Warwick want to reward our loyal students and graduates of Warwick during a time like no other and are therefore introducing the prestigious Warwick Graduate Award Scheme 2020.

It will offer up to 200 awards from between 30% and 50% fee reduction for a range of Postgraduate courses starting in 2020.

There is no formal application process for this scheme. You must fit the criteria detailed here. In order to be considered for the scheme, you must apply for a full-time postgraduate course and accept your offer by 31 July 2020.

Fri 10 Jul 2020, 12:24

Congratulations to our esteemed colleagues!

Congratulations to Dr Elena Riva who has been promoted to Associate Professor! Elena is the module convener for IL911 Water and Environmental Management and Director of Studies at the Institute for Advanced Teaching and Learning. Elena has also been shortlisted for the Warwick Award for Teaching Excellence (WATE).

We'd also like to congratulate Dr Jonathan Heron on his promotion to Professor! Professor Heron is the Director of of the Institute for Advanced Teaching and Learning and a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Thu 09 Jul 2020, 14:48

Programme Accreditation

We are pleased to announce that this degree is accredited by the Joint Board of Moderators (JBM) comprising of the Institution of Civil Engineers, Institution of Structural Engineers, Institute of Highway Engineers, and the Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation on behalf of the Engineering Council as meeting the requirements for Further Learning for a Chartered Engineer (CEng) for candidates who have already acquired a partial CEng accredited undergraduate first degree.* See for further information.

 *It should be noted that candidates completing the MSc who hold an underpinning accredited IEng degree or a nonaccredited bachelor degree will need to apply for an academic assessment to determine whether they will meet the educational base for CEng registration.


Thu 09 Jul 2020, 14:46

Congratulations to our Shelter Competition Winners!

Students were tasked to create a model of a shelter in scale by using materials that found at home for the IL912 One Humanity; Shared Responsibility module. The winners were decided by using the following criteria: (a) creativity in the structural solution and use of materials; (b) realistic representation of connections and structural details.

Congratulations to Michelle Pitchford, Luna Dabinovic and Fleur Shakespeare, MSc Humanitarian Engineering with Management students.

Thu 09 Jul 2020, 14:41

See an example of inspiring, creative and artistic work from one of our students

“Wake up” video or art as a means to override the climate paradox: the case of the Australia wildfires.

This video was done in the context of a Student-Devised Assessment for the module of Water and Environmental Management by Luna Dabinovic, MSc Humanitarian Engineering with Management student .

The climate paradox refers to the fact that while there has been an increase in reliable scientific data alarming individuals about the severity of climate change, public concern on the topic and its perceived importance has been decreasing. When it comes to mitigation and adaptation strategies to reduce climate change and reach the United Nations's Sustainable Development Goals, individuals face psychological barriers as well as economic and communication challenges. Individuals often feel disconnected to the issue, but the challenges of climate change cannot be addressed by science alone. This is why there is a need to rethink communication strategies on the topic and engage in transdisciplinary processes that can reach larger audiences, aiming to share experiences, create knowledge and re-imagine public goals. I believe that art holds the power to personalise the issue and bridge the gap between data and emotions, translating scientific methods into sensory affect. By reaching wider audiences maybe we can integrate better the idea of shared responsibility to care for our future.

Thu 09 Jul 2020, 13:36

Find out more about our modules: Watch our new videos!

We've just a released a suite of informative module videos prepared by our expert conveners who represent the following academic departments: School of Engineering, School of Law, Warwick Business School, Warwick Manufacturing Group, Warwick Medical School, Institute for Advanced Teaching and Learning, and Institute for Global Sustainable Development.

Thu 09 Jul 2020, 13:35

Warwick Taught Masters Scholarship Scheme 2nd Round Closing Soon!

The University of Warwick is offering the Warwick Taught Masters Scholarship Scheme to support eligible postgraduate students in 2020/2021.The scheme has £500,000 to allocate and we expect to make a minimum of 50 awards. Awards are set at up to £10,000 per student and available to eligible Home fee status and UK domicile EU students from under-represented groups who wish to start a postgraduate taught masters course in 2020/2021.

Applications will close on 1 July 2020 (16:00hrs). All required evidence must be provided by the deadline. Applicants must have also applied for admission to the University for study in 2020/2020 by the deadline.

For more information and to apply, please visit this website.

    Tue 16 Jun 2020, 10:52

    School of Engineering Taught Masters Scholarship - Deadline Extended!

    The School of Engineering will award up to 20 scholarships of £1000 to students commencing study on a postgraduate taught course in 2020.

    The School of Engineering PGT Scholarships are merit-based awards, available on a competitive basis and awarded as a bursary payment.

    To apply, applicants should complete a scholarship application form by 8th June 2020.


    • Up to 20 scholarships of £1000 will be awarded to students commencing study on one of the following postgraduate taught courses in the School of Engineering (2020 entry): MSc Advanced Mechanical Engineering; MSc Biomedical Engineering; MSc Communications & Information Engineering; MSc Electrical Power Engineering; MSc Sustainable Energy Technologies; MSc Tunnelling & Underground Space; MSc Humanitarian Engineering (with its variants)
    • To be considered for the scholarship, applicants are required to hold an offer for admission and submit a scholarship application form by 08 June 2020.
    • Applications will be judged on past academic achievement and the completed scholarship application form.
    • Applicants will be informed whether or not they have been successful by 30 June 2020.
    • Any scholarship offered is subject to the applicant enrolling with the University as specified in their offer for admission. It is also subject to Terms and Conditions which will be sent with the scholarship offer.
    Wed 03 Jun 2020, 16:09

    Student Spotlight: Clotilde Scolamiero

    Clotilde currently resides in Turin, Italy and is employed at INTERSOS where she continues to work on the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) project she analysed for her dissertation entitled: Investigating the Community-based Approach: The case study of PartecipAzione: an empowerment and capacity building programme.  

    A graduate from the MSc Humanitarian Engineering with Management programme, Clotilde has been promoted to Liaison Officer of North of Italy. She supports refugee-led organisations based in this area implementing their projects. At the moment, she and her team are adjusting the programme to allow these organisations to become key actors in the post-emergency civil society reconstruction process in Italy.

    Congratulations, Clotilde! We wish you and the programme much success!

    Connect with Clotilde and follow INTERSOS, a non-profit Humanitarian Organisation on LinkedIN for more information.

    Fri 15 May 2020, 11:41

    Meet the Programme Team and Current Students

    Whether you are an offer holder, a potential applicant or current applicant, or would just like more information about our MSc at the Univeristy of Warwick, we'd love to hear from you! There are many ways to engage with members of our Programme Team, including Directors, the Programme Manager, Module Conveners and current students.

    We offer live webinars, live chats and one-to-one meetings.

    If you would like to join a live webinar, please complete the online registration form.

    If you would to arrange a one-to-one meeting or have any questions, please email

    Thu 14 May 2020, 17:13

    Congratulations to Dr Olalekan Uthman!

    Ola Uthman has been promoted to Professor and awarded Fellowship of the Faculty Public Health (FPH) via the distinction route which is the way FPH recognises those who have made a significant contribution to the science, literature or practice of public health following nomination by the Fellows of the Faculty.

    Profession Uthman of Warwick's Medical School is a co-convener on the IL910 module: An Introduction to Global Health.

    Thu 14 May 2020, 17:12

    Final Projects for 2019/20

    Each year individuals or groups of students select and work on proposed project by academics, University departments, NGOs and industry partners or can develop their own for the module IL918 Project. This takes place over a 3 month period after completion of all taught modules.

    Take a look at some of the varied topics and opportunities we've advertised to this year's cohort of students.

    From the School of Engineering:
    • Engineering for a Poor Community
    • Assessment and investigative analysis of affordable housing solutions for the developing world
    • A comparative analysis of the sustainability of smart development initiatives in fast-growing cities
    • Assessment of engineering advances in aid of disaster management
    • Environmental, social and economic sustainability of bamboo and bamboo-based construction materials in buildings
    • Materials and technologies for carbon neutral buildings; Challenges and opportunities
    • A sustainable strategy for solid waste management in rapidly growing cities: A case study of Kathmandu, Nepal
    • Technical assessment for the market penetration of vanadium redox flow batteries
    • Disassembly for recycling end-of-life lithium-ion electric vehicle batteries
    • Urban Heat Waves – Prospects, Amelioration, Thermal public health, Rescue
    • Roofwater Harvesting (RWH)
    • Multi-storey Housing for Mountainous Countries
    • Environmentally sustainable building materials
    • Towards an ammonia economy
    • Rethinking refugee camps: a humanitarian engineering perspective
    • Responding to natural disasters in an era of lock downs
    • Revisiting reconstructed earthquake-resistant houses in rural Nepal
    From the Department of Estates, Energy and Sustainability Team:
    • Feasibility study on the establishment of an anaerobic digestion biogas plant in University of Warwick campus
    • Development of methods and practices for the determination of indirect carbon emissions of food across the campus
    • Estimation of carbon dioxide emissions incurred due to equipment and consumables purchases
    • Feasibility of establishing wind turbines on campus
    • Feasibility of establishing photovoltaic panels on campus
    • Wastewater treatment options for the University of Warwick
    • Determining the factors effecting the behaviour of individuals for using recycle bins; the effects of pictograms
    • Introducing sustainability into our daily routines through gamification
    From External Partners:
    Thu 14 May 2020, 17:11

    Student Spotlight: Paula Ghergu, Founder and Director at JustDataThings Ltd

    A social justice advocate with a passion for innovation and technology, I have recently graduated from the Humanitarian Engineering MSc at the University of Warwick. Looking at bridging the gap between existing technologies and the humanitarian sector, this course allowed to explore my passion for innovation in the area of disaster relief and recovery. In particular, for my master’s thesis, “Digital Innovations in Disaster Relief Management: The MSFCalc Solution”, I worked alongside Humanitarian professionals at MSF (Doctors without Borders), for the development of a web-based application which allows field workers to calculate their resourcing needs in times of emergency preparation.

    Further to my academic training, I have worked in the field of data analysis for the past 4 years. This experience alongside my drive to put my skills to use in the humanitarian sector, and the benefit of society at large; prompted me to open my own start-up (JustDataThings Ltd) where I aim to intertwine my work experience and academic background by providing local authorities valuable insights and consultancy into crisis developments .

    As a tech nerd with a passion for innovation and the humanitarian field, I recently took part in The Port Humanitarian Hackathon in Geneva, where I developed an energy efficient stove, ready for use in emergency settings and Missing Maps London – a mapathon organised by the British Red Cross alongside MSF UK, where we help increase the mapping of disaster-affected areas.

    Connect with Paula and follow JustData Things Ltd on LinkedIN for more information.

    Thu 14 May 2020, 17:08

    Deadline Extended for the School of Engineering Taught Masters Scholarship

    The deadline to apply for the School of Engineering Taught Master's Scholarship has beeb extended to 31 May 2020.

    As you should be aware, we're offering up to 20 scholarships of £1000 to students commencing study on a School of Engineering postgraduate taught course in 2020. To apply you'll need to hold an offer for admission and submit a scholarship application by the new deadline of 31 May 2020.

    For more information and to apply, please see below and/or visit this website.

    Thu 14 May 2020, 17:03

    Hear from our recent MSc Graduates!

    We celebrated our first cohort of MSc Humanitarian Engineering students at the Winter Graduation which took place on 21st January, 2020 at the Warwick Arts Centre followed by a reception in the School of Engineering. Congratulations to all our graduates!

    In this video, our graduates share their experiences, thoughts and career ambitions following completion of the MSc Humanitarian Engineering and variants at the University of Warwick.

    Thu 14 May 2020, 16:52

    Applications now open for 2020 Entry and Funding Opportunities

    Applications for the 2020/21 academic year are now open! For more information and to apply please visit our Taught Course Applications. For programme specific queries, please contact to arrange a meeting in person or via video-conferencing.
    This year our programme awarded 14 Warwick alumni 10% in fee reductions and 4 students were recipients of the £1000 School of Engineering Taught Masters Scholarship.

    Funding opportunities can be viewed here.

    Mon 25 Nov 2019, 08:55

    2018/2019 Final Project Presentations

    Each year students select and work on proposed project by academics, NGOs and industry partners or can develop their own for the module IL918 Project which takes place over a 3 month period in the summer term. On 12-13 September 2019, our first cohort of students delivered both oral and poster presentations showcasing their dissertations.

    Wed 13 Nov 2019, 15:52

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