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SoE Taught Masters Scholarship 2022

For the 2022/23 entry, there will be up to ten £1,000 scholarships to be awarded to the most outstanding Taught MSc applicants.

To be considered for the scholarship, applicants are required to hold an offer for admission for the MSc Humanitarian Engineering (with its variants).

Applications will be judged on their merit and past academic achievements and close on Monday 25th April 2022.

For more information and to apply, please visit this webpage.

Wed 05 Jan 2022, 13:40

Commonwealth Shared Scholarship

These scholarships are intended for students from developing countries who would not otherwise be able to afford to undertake Master’s level study in the UK, to gain skills and knowledge which will allow them to contribute to the development of their home countries.

Eligibility: Masters applicants with overseas fee status who meet all of the stated eligibility criteria

Value: Full payment of academic fees and a maintenance stipend for 12 months, return airfare to the UK, additional support for other expenses

Deadline: 20 December 2021, 16:00hrs (GMT)

Please visit here for more information.

Wed 15 Dec 2021, 15:11

Humanitarian Engineering attracts winner of the John Monash Scholarship

The John Monash Scholarship awarded recognises excellence and leadership in outstanding graduates to support them with their postgraduate study overseas at another of the world's best Universities. This years winner, Jess Coldry, will be using the Scholarship to study at Warwick on the School's MSc in Humanitarian Engineering.

Read the full story here: Monash

Thu 29 Apr 2021, 18:47

1st International Symposium on Humanitarian Engineering Challenges and Approaches

18th-19th May 2021

University of West Attica, Athens, Greece will host this event online due to the extraordinary conditions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The 1st International Symposium on Humanitarian Engineering Challenges and Approaches will be hosted by the University of West Attica, Athens in collaboration with the ENHANCE Project - ENabling Humanitarian Attributes for Nurturing Community-based Engineering led by our Programme Director, Professor Georgia Kremmyda.

It will comprise two sessions of talks and discussions on Humanitarian Engineering, the challenges faced by engineers globally, and approaches that offer sustainable solutions.

Attendance free – registration via

Mon 12 Apr 2021, 16:01

Meet our Alumna: Kati Kamm

After finishing my Master in Humanitarian Engineering with Management, I took on an internship at the BMW Foundation Herbert QuandtLink opens in a new window in my home town Munich, Germany. There, I mainly support "RESPONDLink opens in a new window", an accelerator program promoting responsible leadership and sustainable business models.

I am happy to have found the perfect opportunity to combine my skills and passion: Sustainability, Business and Innovation.

I have now experienced that the Management track of the MSc Humanitarian Engineering was an excellent preparation for the tasks I am engaging with now:
It complemented the experiences of my B.A. in Sociology, Politics and Economics with technical and scientific knowledge on sustainability. But it also added the experience of working in small international teams, discussing problems from interdisciplinary perspectives as well as being taught by people from various sectors and backgrounds - these come to me as a huge asset in my professional work life.

I am now looking forward to pursue a career in an international work environment with inspiring people that share my passion for contributing towards a sustainable future for all!

Connect with me on LinkedIn

Mon 12 Apr 2021, 15:56

Meet our Current Student & Shared Commonwealth Scholarship Recipient: Yahaya Abdulai 

Crises in humanitarian nature has increasingly become a global issue threatening the health of communities, affecting global peace, and causing economic instability of nations. Witnessing the gravity of harm caused by humanitarian challenges, particularly in Africa where I come from and have lived all my life till now motivated me to apply for the Commonwealth Shared Scholarship, to study the MSc Humanitarian Engineering which is suitably tied in with the Commonwealth theme Strengthening Global Peace, Security, and Governance at the University of Warwick. This is to enable me to acquire innovative and competitive knowledge offered by this chosen Humanitarian Engineering Programme on the mechanisms generating these crises and to contribute immensely in finding solutions to the recent complex humanitarian crises.

I hold a bachelor's degree in Fire and Disaster Management from the University of Energy and Natural Resources-Ghana, a Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety from the Institute for Professional and Executive Development in the UK, an Executive Certificate in Emergency Response Management from Global Executive Health and Safety Management Consult in Ghana, Certificate in Fire Prevention and Practical Firefighting Demonstration from the Ghana National Fire Service, and Certificate in First Aid and Trauma Care from the Ghana National Ambulance Service. Also, before I applied for the Commonwealth Shared Scholarship, I worked as a Teaching and Research Assistant with the Department of Environmental Management, University of Energy and Natural Resources, Ghana from 2018 to 2020. I also worked as a Tutor and Regional Coordinator for the Institute for Professional and Executive Development, a UK professional tertiary institution in Ghana from 2017 to 2020. I have also been actively involved in social work and internships intended for the prosperity of human lives. I have worked with the Ghana National Fire Service for six months, a three-month internship with the National Disaster Management Organisation in Ghana, and has also joined the Ghana forestry commission volunteer group to promote afforestation projects in Ghana. Having study Fire and Disaster Management at the undergraduate level and with my relevant qualifications and work experience, I decided to continue to build up my knowledge in the humanitarian field to find solutions to the complex humanitarian crises facing the world today, hence my reason for choosing this Humanitarian Engineering Programme.

My experience in the MSc Humanitarian Engineering programme at the University of Warwick has so far been unique and motivating. The programme challenges students' ability to think critically beyond the ordinary in finding innovative and engineering solutions to the modern trends of the increasing complex humanitarian crises. I, therefore, look forward to acquiring the needed competencies, competitive knowledge, and skills from this programme to help communities build resilience to disasters, promote global peace, and to achieve global economic stability. By this, I will be contributing towards enhancing and accomplishing the Sustainable Development Goals 1, 2, 3, 8, 11, and 16.

After the award of this scholarship, I look forward to utilizing my acquired knowledge, skills, and the broader perspective to work with disaster and emergency response institutions, particularly with the Ghana National Disaster Management Organization in making and fostering disaster and complex emergency decisions and policies to ensure quality humanitarian interventions, help communities build resilient to humanitarian crises, and to promote sustainable economic development globally. In the longer term, I plan to work in academia to train future generations to work in finding solutions to the emerging complex humanitarian challenges and to strengthen global peace, security, and governance.

Mon 12 Apr 2021, 15:47

School of Engineering Taught Master’s Scholarship - Closing Soon!

The School of Engineering will award a number of scholarships of £1000 to students commencing study on a postgraduate taught course in 2021. These awards are merit-based awards, available on a competitive basis and awarded as a bursary payment.
To apply, applicants should complete a scholarship application form by 12.00 GMT on Friday 16 April 2021.

The University offers other scholarships and awards. Search for funding and scholarships

Mon 12 Apr 2021, 15:46

Live Chat & Open Day

We have been holding monthly live chats for postgraduate applicants and enquirers to find out more about our courses and have their questions answered by staff and current students from the Humanitarian Engineering programme.

Our next live chat is on Wednesday 21 January at 11.00 GMT

To find out more and book, please visit:

Virtual Open Day

Our next Postgraduate Virtual Open Day will take place on Saturday 24 April 2021. At this event you’ll have the opportunity to attend a presentation about our courses, as well as explore our campus and find out about accommodation, open spaces and learning facilities. Bookings will open at the end of March, but you can register your interest now.

Mon 12 Apr 2021, 15:45

Commonwealth Shared Scholarship 2021

Commonwealth Shared Scholarship applications are now open for 2021 entry!

For more information and to apply, please visit this website.

Applications will close 09 April 2021 at 16:00 (GMT).

Mon 01 Mar 2021, 12:56

Applications to the School of Engineering Taught Masters Scholarship Scheme 2021 are now open!

For 2021 entry the School of Engineering intend to award up to five scholarships for the most outstanding taught MSc candidates. Applicants will be judged on merit and past academic achievements.

Find out more and apply

Tue 02 Feb 2021, 15:13

Warwick ranked 4th in the UK for sustainability

In December Universitas Indonesia (UI) released the result of UI GreenMetric World University Rankings 2020.

The University of Warwick was awarded 4th in the UK, ranking 29th of the 912 participating universities.

For more information, please visit this webpage.

Mon 01 Feb 2021, 11:08

Sustainability at Warwick Webinar

"From developing communities to finding research solutions to global challenges, Universities have a responsibility to support the sustainability agenda in a myriad of ways."

Our Programme Director Professor Georgia Kremmyda spoke about ‘the role of engineers is embracing sustainability in construction, research, teaching and learning' during this live event.

For those of you who were unable to join us live, or would like to watch it again, a recording has been provided.

For further information about the work we are doing at Warwick please see the following:

Sustainability at Warwick
Tue 26 Jan 2021, 15:14

Registration now Open for INWES

This year we’re excited to be hosting the 18th International Conference of Women Engineers & Scientists in September.

The conference, usually held every 3 years, is the world’s largest symposium for women scientists and engineers and will attract over 500 international delegates.

Register now:

Please note that early bird registration will be available until 30 April 2021, and regular registration will be available until 15 August 2021.

Discounted fees are available for members of INWES, students and visitors from developing countries (INWES members will need the promotional code sent to you by INWES in order to obtain the discount).

Tue 26 Jan 2021, 15:12

Congratulations to our Programme Director Professor Georgia Kremmyda

We are delighted to announce that our Programme Director Professor Georgia Kremmyda has been elected Vice President of the International Network of Women Engineers and Scientists (INWES) for 2021-2023. In particular, Georgia will look after the INWES Conferences portfolio including the triennial international conferences (ICWES18 taking place at Warwick/UK on 1-3 September 2021; ICWES19 taking place in New Zealand in 2023 and ICWES20 host TBC for 2026), all annual/biennial regional conferences and the annual Asia Pacific Nation Network conference.

Georgia is the Chair of the upcoming 18th International Conference for Women Engineers and Scientists (ICWES18) 1-4 September 2021, where engineers and scientists from all over the world will be joining together to discuss topics within the conference theme of global humanitarian challenges, including renewable energy, sustainable cities, climate change, global health, gender and STEM.

It will provide an unrivalled opportunity to network with colleagues in business, academia and government to tackle the keys issues facing society in the 21st century. The conference will also focus on the role of education and training of women in tackling societal challenges, and we have several inspirational speakers already committed to supporting what promises to be a truly international conference.

Tue 26 Jan 2021, 15:10

Meet our Alumna: Zara Mujib

I have just completed an enriching course in Humanitarian Engineering with Management, with modules from various departments, making it one of the few truly multidisciplinary courses out there. I recently joined the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), a standard-setting organisation for the jewellery and watch industry, in September 2020. In my role as the Certification Assistant Manager, my time is divided between reviewing members’ audit reports (to have them certified against our standards) and a multitude of other projects including data analysis and governance, digital transformation, service efficiency, etc.

My MSc is helping me every step of the way in this new role. The content and context of the course has allowed me to engage in high-level organisation-wide projects that involve setting the goals and KPIs of the organisation. And, hence, I have been able to recommend ideas (some of which I came across during my degree) that will further sustainable growth within the sector. One specific example is the development of RJC’s very first Theory of Change that will guide us to follow a path where we help our members achieve long-lasting and meaningful change – rather than simply engaging in a tick box exercise of getting certified. I was able to contribute to this project thanks to my MSc module ‘Sustainable Operations and Humanitarian Supply Chains’ that taught us practical tools such as the Theory of Change (amongst many others) that we can utilise in our day to day work. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are another link that form a bridge between my course and my current place of work. The SDGs formed the edifice for my MSc course and is, therefore, helping me contribute to aligning RJC’s standards against them, as well as suggesting improvements to our standards based on the knowledge I gained in modules covering human rights, environmental and water issues, etc. The work RJC does is centred around promoting sustainable practices: the timing of this new course could not have been better. The broad and practical outlook of this course has made me better equipped to positively contribute towards the multitude of issues that our world is facing.

Tue 26 Jan 2021, 15:09

Meet our Current Student & Scholarship Recipient: Samir Streatfield

My name is Samir Streatfield, and I am currently studying for an MSc in Humanitarian Engineering. I graduated from West Point, the United States’ equivalent of Sandhurst, in 2019. Following a year training as an Engineer Officer, I applied to the University of Warwick on a Fulbright Scholarship and was fortunate enough to be accepted. I was inspired to study Humanitarian Engineering by my English grandparents, who told me stories of heavy bombing during World War II, and the difficulty of post-war reconstruction. Years later, my training as an Army Engineer and several impactful meetings with landmine victims highlighted the trauma that my grandparents endured, inspiring me to study Humanitarian Engineering.

I hope to use this degree to turn the skills I am learning in the U.S. Army towards a peaceful and constructive purpose. Despite the necessary Coronavirus restrictions, I love the extent to which this program allows me to connect with my peers, who possess a remarkable array of talents and diverse experiences. I look forward to further exposure and education in post-conflict related fields, including water security, sustainable buildings, and post-conflict reconstruction. I plan to focus my individual research on the partnering of military and civilian agencies in the removal of landmines and unexploded ordinance. Depending on what resources I can secure from the Fulbright program and the US Army, I may focus on either Eastern Europe or Southeast Asia. After this year of study, I will return to the US to resume my duties as an Engineer Officer. I hope that this degree will leave me better equipped to deal with humanitarian crises and able to provide humanitarian expertise and linkages within the U.S. military.

Tue 26 Jan 2021, 15:02

Postgraduate Taught (MSc) Live Chat

11am - 12pm, Wed, 27 Jan 2021
Location: Online

Chat directly with University admissions staff, key academics and student ambassadors to get your questions about our MSc Humanitarian Engineering programme answered.

Register for the event here.

Sat 16 Jan 2021, 19:59

Sustainability at Warwick Webinar: 21 January 2021

Explore sustainability on campus, how engineers will be taught sustainable construction in the future and the vision of the newly approved Science Precinct. Sign up now for the webinar with speakers including Stuart Croft, Vice Chancellor, special alumni guest, Jonny Wates, Christine Ennew, Provost and Professor Georgia Kremmyda, our MSc Humanitarian Engineering Programme Director.

Sat 16 Jan 2021, 19:44

2021 Victorian Government John Monash Scholar Announced

Jess Coldrey has been announced as the 2021 Victorian Government John Monash Scholar who intends to pursue an MSc in Humanitarian Engineering with Management next academic year. The scholarship and programme highlight were announced by The Australian, one of the most prominent newspapers in Australia. We'd like to extend a warm congratulations to Jess and look forward to welcoming her to Warwick!

Sat 05 Dec 2020, 14:54

Warwick Awards for Teaching Excellence

The Warwick Awards for Teaching Excellence recognise innovative teaching practice and outstanding learning support across the University of Warwick.

A warm congratulations to Dr Bo Kelestyn, Senior Teaching Fellow and Director of Student Experience for Chemistry on her WATE and Butterworth Memorial Award. Bo teaches across various departments at Warwick and has co-designed a new module for the 2020 Humanitarian Engineering programme; IL924 Design Thinking for Social Impact. Read Bo's inspiring interview about teaching, here.

We'd also like to congratulate Associate Professor, Dr Elena Riva, who is the module convener for IL911 Water and Environmental Management and Director of Studies at the Institute for Advanced Teaching and Learning on her second WATE! Click here to enjoy an interview with Elena about her teaching philosophy.

Wed 19 Aug 2020, 11:06

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