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Micro-Stereolithography and Additive Manufacturing Lab



  • 3D Printed iPad Stylus.

We recently sent some of our carbomorph material to Dave White, Subject Coordinator for Design &Technology at Clevedon School in Bristol. Dave is an enthusiastic proponent for the adoption of 3D printing technology in schools and he and his students were quick off the mark with ideas for 3D prints using carbomorph. Check out Dave's blog to see how they've already printed a working iPad stylus using carbomorph.

  • Will 3D Printing turn you into a designer? - Currently showing in the British Science Museum

In connection with our recently published PLOS ONE paper, we have donated one of our working 3D printed computer game controllers to the British Science Museum for display in their Antenna gallery. The exhibit will hopefully spark the publics imagination for 3D printing and what we might be able to achieve with the technology.


  • New Paper Published - 3D Printing of Electronic Sensors

PLOS paper(above: A working 3D printed computer game controller)

Our new paper entitled 'A simple, low-cost conductive composite material for 3D printing of electronic sensors' has been published in PLOS ONE.

The press release can be viewed here

News stories relating to the article can be viewed here and here and a more in-depth article here

The Adafruit blog article is here

The PLOS ONE paper can be viewed here


(above: A 3D printed computer game controller being used to play a game.)

Press Coverage

  • UPDATE: "Leigh et al, 2012 Bioinspir. Biomim. 7 044001, Rapid manufacture of monolithic micro-actuated forceps inspired by echinoderm pedicellariae" has recently been published.

The paper details the single-process production of biomimetic 'grippers' using Micro-stereolithography. The grippers can be actuated using a simple syringe and exhibit self-healing behaviour if damaged. The paper can be downloaded here.



  • UPDATE: Dr Leigh presented our latest developments at a theme day entitled 'Additive Manufacturing - the third industrial revolution?' at TNO in Eindhoven.

The programme can be viewed here.

  • UPDATE: Dr Leigh wins Silver medal at SET for Britain Competition


On the 12th March 2012, Dr Leigh presented a poster detailing his research at the prestigious SET for Britain competition. The event entailed presenting a poster to members of both Houses of Parliament at Westminster along with expert judges. Awards are made on the basis of the very best research work and results by an early-stage or early-career researcher. He was awarded the Silver medal in the Engineering category.

SET for Britain is run by The Parliamentary and Scientific Committee with a series of subject prizes offered in collaboration with The Royal Academy of Engineering, The Institute of Physics, the Society of Biology, The Royal Society of Chemistry, the Physiological Society, the Wellcome Trust and the Society of Chemical Industry, with financial support from BP, Airbus/EADS, The Institution of Engineering and Technology, AgChem Access, Oxford Instruments, IBMS and GE Hitachi.

  • UPDATE: Our image 'A Quick Cup of Coffee' was chosen as one of the winning images in the University of Warwick/University of Birmingham ScienceSnaps 2010 competition. The image will be on display the Birmingham Thinktank as part of the British Festival of Science.

Read the Press Release here

Read The Birmingham Mail Article

Prize Giving 


See our entries (entitled 'A Quick Cup of Coffee' & 'Saving for a Rainy Day')for the University of Warwick/University of Birmingham ScienceSnaps 2010 competition