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We are looking for highly motivated Postdoctoral researchers and PhD students. For more info, feel free to contact Dr. Sadeghi or Dr. Sangtarash

Post doctoral research associate

  • Currently there is no postdoc position available.

  • There are a number of post-doctoral fellowship opportunities in the UK on the competitive basis. We are happy to support strong applicants for these fellowships. For more information, see "General Fellowship Openings" below.

PhD positions

School of Engineering MPhil/PhD Scholarship Scheme

PhD in Engineering

General Fellowship Openings

If you are looking for independent post-doctoral opportunities, listed here are some links to prestigious fellowships in the UK in general. These fellowships are competitive and often require the explicit support of a host institution. If you feel qualified to apply and would like to discuss the possibility, please contact Dr. H. Sadeghi or Dr. S Sangtarash well in advance (at least two months) of the deadlines stated on these external pages. Advance notice is needed to ensure any application meets the (earlier) internal University deadlines.

Post-doctoral Fellowships
Advanced Postdoctoral Fellowships

Device Modelling Group

In Device Modelling Group, we engineer electrical, vibrational, magnetic and optical properties of nanoscale molecular devices for various applications such as molecular electronic building blocks, sensors, molecular spintronics, thermoelectric, piezoelectric and optoelectronic devices. We co-develop the next generation quantum transport simulation tool: GOLLUM. See our research focus for more details.
Device Modelling Group is within the School of Engineering which is ranked 5th in the UK for Engineering in The Guardian University League Table 2021 and the 4th most targeted University by UK's Top 100 Graduate Employers (The Graduate Market in 2019, High Fliers Research Ltd).
The School of Engineering research is ranked 3rd among UK integrated Engineering departments in the Research Excellence Framework. The University of Warwick is a research intensive university. It is ranked 6th in the UK and 61st in the world. Warwick consistently perform strongly in the UK league tables, and is proud to be among the top 20 'Most International' universities in the world.
Useful links:

Postgraduate Research Fees at Warwick