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Living costs

It is important that you budget carefully during your studies at Warwick. As a minimum, the Home Office asks Student visa applicants to have £1023 per month to cover accommodation and living expenses.

Your living costs will depend upon your study level; whether you live on or off campus, and your own lifestyle. It can be hard to calculate how much things will cost in the UK, but using the estimates below, you should be able to work out your monthly expenditure.

This information is intended only as an indication.

Living cost Cost
On campus residence

£364 - £932 per month (based on lowest and highest Warwick accommodation)

Off campus residence

£325 - £800 per month (based on Warwick StudentPad)

Bills and internet (if not included in rent), clothing, toiletries, food, socialising £384 average monthly cost
Travel (public transport) £55 per month (based on nxbus)
Books and materials Cost can vary, please check with your department
Warwick Sport Membership £8.42 - £32.42 per month (based on lowest and highest monthly pass for a 1 year contract with Warwick Sport)
Mobile phone £20 average monthly cost (based on OFCOM)
TV Licence £159 per year (£26.50 per month for 1st 6 months, and £13.25 every month after, based on TV Licensing)

Further advice

Which? UniversityLink opens in a new window has a helpful interactive guide. Select the University of Warwick from the list to get an estimate of accommodation, living costs etc