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Cohort 2 - Wide Bandgap Power Electronics

Heaklig Ayala

EngD Title: Advanced packaging of wide-bandgap power devices for enhanced integration, improved converter efficiency and reliability

PhD Supervisor: Professor Phil Mawby and Dr Jose Ortiz Gonzalez

Stream: Wide Bandgap Power Electronics

Thanos Kanellopoulos

EngD Title: The efficiency and performance of high voltage wide bandgap semiconductor devices.

PhD Supervisor: Dr Marina Antoniou and Professor Layi Alatise

Stream: Wide Bandgap Power Electronics

Nikolaos Iosifidis

PhD Title: Reliability and thermal management of power electronic devices for energy applications.

PhD Supervisor: Professor Li Ran, Dr Subhash Lakschminarayana and Professor Phil Mawby

Stream: Wide Bandgap Power Electronics