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Modelling of Heterogeneous Systems Study Group with Industry

Companies are invited to join the three day Study Group to discuss any challenges from industry, with a particular focus on modelling of Heterogeneous Systems.

Study Groups with industry have been running for over fifty years and, having started with pioneering work in the UK in the 1960s, these groups now take place all over the world in a huge variety of shapes and sizes.

The general format for these workshops is that representatives from industry will present their problems on the morning of the first day. The multidisciplinary research audience question the industrial representatives and decide which challenge they could offer input into. The group breaks into teams (with a nominated academic leader to facilitate the work) and over the next three days code, model, sketch solutions to the problem in an open collaboration. The group meets again at the end of the three days where the teams feedback the progress made. 

Building on successful sessions each year since 2017, the newly established HetSys CDT and KTN are holding a three day, free session between in early 2022 (dates to be finalised) We are open to discuss any challenges from industry, particularly in areas of HetSys capability such as:

  • Catalysis across scales
  • High-performance alloys
  • Heterogeneous modelling for future medicines

Some of the previous topics we have studied are list below: 

  • Understanding Metal Spray Deposition Variation for GKN
  • Probabilistic Frameworks for Nuclear Integrity Assessments for Rolls-Royce
  • Computational Frameworks to Address Materials Ageing Behaviour for AWE
  • Improved Drug Discovery Through Better Machine Learning Models for AstraZeneca 

Of you are a business and wish to pose a problem, please contact with a short description of the challenge area, and we will arrange a meeting with HetSys academics.