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New methods for fluids, plasma, porous media and composites for technological solutions.

Available Projects for Autumn 2022 entry


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Project Title


Fundamental physics or data science? Why not both: a data-driven modelling framework for interfacial microflows

Radu Cimpeanu; James Sprittles; Albert Bartok-Partay

This exciting project lives at the interface between multi-physics modelling, high performance computing and data-driven approaches. The 21st century has brought a revolution in micromanufacturing techniques (LCD, 3D printing etc.) that require understanding and efficient deployment of knowledge at scales below those currently accessible. Enter data-driven equation discovery techniques: novel surrogate modelling methods which can provide insight in scenarios in which simulation or experimental data are available, but traditional derivation approaches break down. Our challenge is to create a new computational framework that harnesses the power of these approaches towards generating new meaningful understanding of fluid flows at small scales.

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Engineering, Mathematics, Continuum, Fluids, Solids Continuum

When the dust settles: predicting deposition of particulate and aerosols

Duncan Lockerby; James Kermode

Predicting the deposition of ultra-fine particulate and aerosolized drops is important in a wide range of applications: from understanding pathogen or drug-laden droplet deposition in the respiratory systems to determining the composition of airborne particulate matter using environmental sensors. The physics at play is diverse, and its accurate prediction requires a multi-scale and multi-physics model, far beyond the current state-of-the-art. Such a model will combine techniques from fluid dynamics, kinetic theory, Langevin dynamics, and uncertainty quantification, and tackle a broad range of physics including rarefied gas dynamics, creeping flow, micro-scale evaporation, and Brownian motion.

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Fluids, Physics, Engineering, Mathematics, , Bayesian Inference


Hopping through the interfaces: a multiscale chemo-mechanics model for energy materials

Lukasz Figiel;
Bora Karasulu

Mechanical damage arising from electrochemical processes in energy materials can alter significantly their mass transport capability, and overall performance of energy storage systems. The damage is frequently initiated at material’s internal interfaces, subsequently disrupting ionic and electronic conductivity paths. The coupling between interfacial damage and ionic transport is not yet fully understood, and requires description of its origins at the nanoscale. This project will provide enhanced understanding of the damage-transport coupling for various interfaces in energy materials across the length scales by developing a novel data-driven multiscale methodology based on the Bayesian inference, linking first-principles calculations with the continuum modelling framework, and subject to physical constraints.

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Energy Materials, Chemomechanics, Multiscale, Continuum Continuum

Scale effects on reactive turbulent mixing

Mohad Nezhad; Gary Bending; Tim Sullivan

Spatial and temporal fluctuations in fluid behaviour control mixing and reaction processes. Observations show that velocity fluctuations are correlated with mixing and reaction rates, and degree of these correlations vary across the scale. These provide compelling evidence that the key statistics of reaction parameters driving the transport processes are scale dependent and functions of the increments of porous media geometrical characteristics. This project aims to develope theoretical and computational frameworks to assimilate data associated with diverse variables (e.g., velocity, dispersity, reaction rates) collected at a range of scales (from micrometers to kilometres) and combine these to provide predictions of reactive solute dynamics and quantify associated uncertainties across the scales.

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Fluids, Porous Media, Continuum, Engineering, Life Sciences, Mathematics Continuum